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Piggy Paint Review

Being a little girl and applying nail polish go together like Barbie and Ken. It’s a benchmark ladies start as kids and continue into adulthood without a blink. Who wants to deny any princess pretty fingertips but considering all of the toxic ingredients contained in nail polish, it’s the reality that some mothers are facing. This bring me to the discovery of a kid-friendly, non-toxic, low odour, nail polish called: PIGGY PAINT!

Piggy Paint Review

Piggy Paint (free from)Pin

*A Kid-Friendly Nail Polish Alternative*

Piggy Paint is a “healthy” nail polish company created by a mother-of-two who loved getting manicures. The fact she knew the products she was applying on her girls was so toxic it made herself dizzy after two coats alone, let alone the fact nail polish can be so corrosive it was eating right though the styrofoam she was using to help apply it really affected her. If nail polish could do that to foam, what was it doing to her daughters bodies…? That’s how Piggy Paint was born.   

Piggy Paint is a non-flammable, water-based polish. This company has avoided the usual cocktail of poisons found in drugstore nail polish, including: formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone.

Ingredients in my Piggy Paint (shade: SWEETPEA): Aqua, acrylates copolymers, melia azadirachta (neem oil). May contain: mica, red 34 lake, ultramarines, red 28 (made in the U.S.A)


What’s great about this product is it actually works, dries, and chips-off, like any other nail polish. It’s definitely a bit thinner since it’s water-based. It’s not a thick polish like common drug-store brands either but for a little girl, this is an amazing product. If the nail polish starts to dry-out or get gooey, you need only add a few drops of water to it, and your Piggy Paint is back to new! The shade I chose (Sweetpea) was a thin shiny pink, it went on a bit clear- I applied it over my french-manicure so you could really see the coverage it gives: 


Unlike most nail polishes made for little girls, this one doesn’t peel. I know when I was a little girl I probably ate more of the peel-off polish than I put on my nails (yuck). Instead, Piggy Paint actually stays on your nails like any polish you’ve ever used. It starts to chip a few days after application and can be removed with either “Piggy Paint Healthy Nail Polish Remover” or the conventional toxic nail polish remover we all get dizzy from.


Piggy Paint’s packaging draws in kids by using a cute pink, piggy cartoon. Demand by health-conscious mothers who felt left in the dust and wanting this brand too has caused Piggy Paint to quickly evolve. They’ve created a new more mature line called: SOPHi Nail Polish (a little pun on sophisticated- essentially same polish but more mature colors and no cute pig on the bottle.) 

I purchased my Piggy Paint at Rainbow Foods in Ottawa for $9.99. They had a bunch of different shades to pick from including: sparkly, matte, and neon’s. Piggy Paint’s “natural as mud” motto is certainly one I hope many pretty little fingers get their hands on. Finally a safe, nail polish alternative is here!

Angie Lalonde at Whipped Green Girl

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  1. I think that this might be the nail polish that my daughter bought to use on my granddaughter’s nails. It worked well and my granddaughter was really pleased to have nails like her mummy. 🙂

    • I’m happy your daughter found this hidden gem of a product for her little one too! Every little girl loves nail polish lol- that’s undeniable 🙂
      Thanks for reading, Angie

  2. I’ve been thinking of getting some since I love how non-toxic it is. That’s good to know about the thinner coverage…so getting a darker colour won’t be overwhelming like I thought!

    • I loved this shade too! I’m going to try a few others soon, I’m definitely hooked on this product now lol
      Thanks for reading! Angie

    • For me, it started to wear-off the tips of my nails after the first day. It didn’t chip or anything, it more or less started to wear thin… I think that’s the water-based effect of the polish. It dries super fast though, so its easy to just reapply… Thanks for reading- Angie 🙂

  3. I am always surprised to find out that someone has applied regular, toxic nail polish on a baby or infant when this product is around!

  4. This is such a great product and I love how safe it is. Girls get to feel pretty while it doesn’t stand out


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