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The winter blahs have been getting me a little down lately.  When I feel like this there are usually two things that change my mood.  The first is to rearrange my furniture and since I have moved my sofa couch to every possible position in my living room, I had to resort to the next possible “pick me up”…. a new hair colour.

I will just let it be said that I have used many different types of hair dyes.  I am no stranger to brands or to exotic colours.  Mostly what I have always look for in a hair dye is something that is easy to use at home and was easy on my wallet.  These days I have been thinking more and more about what I am putting in my body, and on my skin.  I have been questioning the safety of products out there that I use for myself and my family.

The Colour I chose was a Chocolate Brown

The Colour I chose was a Chocolate Brown

When I first found out about the Tints of Nature hair dye, I was very excited.  A long lasting hair dye without  such harmful chemicals as ammonia and parabens, one that is gentle for your hair containing organic certified ingredients.  I had to try this.

The first thing that I found different about this hair dye product was  that it offered a “pre – treatment” for my hair.  There was a little packet of shampoo made with grape seed oil extracts that is used to prepare your hair before you dye it.  It strips away any build up on the hair and removes any oils making it more receptive to the dye.  I also thought that it was interesting that I was to wash my hair with the shampoo first, then towel dry my hair.  The dye then goes on the hair that is damp.  Normally I have always put the dye on my hair when it is dry.

The pre treatment had no smell and left my hair feeling squeaky clean.  I then proceeded to towel dry my hair and I combed it out just like in the instructions.

I mixed the colour and the activator and there was no offensive odors.  It smelt a bit “minty”, but it did not have the harsh chemical smell that I have experienced with some other brands.  When I put the dye in my hair, it was fairly easy to use.  I just lathered it in.   I was careful to go around the back of my ears and get all the spots that I sometimes miss.  There was plenty of dye, I was tempted to ask my husband if he wanted to use some.  The gloves that came in the package were a thicker plastic which I thought was nice since I always poke my finger nails through the flimsy ones.  I just had some trouble getting them off once I was done.

I left the dye in my hair for 40 minutes and used the little shower cap it came with.  It was a loose fit, but there was an elastic in the box and it helped keep my cap on.  (wow they thought of everything!)  My husband had noted that I got quite a bit on the back of my neck.

When I washed it out I used the shampoo and conditioner that came with the product.  It had a nice fresh smell.  It left my hair feeling soft and removed the stiff feeling most hair dyes leave you with.  I was also relieved to see that all the dye on my neck had been washed away with out having to do any intense scrubbing. Usually I have the “tell tale” signs on my neck, forehead ears and hands for a few days.

When my hair dried it was  a cute chocolate brown colour. The colour was in my hair and not all over the towel. I noticed my natural highlights and low lights.  My hair was soft and silky and my bathroom did not smell like a chemistry lab.

I am very happy with the results I got with Tints of Nature.  This product is definitely worth the few extra dollars.  Remember you get what you pay for, but in this case you don’t get the Parabins, the Amonnia, the resocinol.  You get an amazing award winning product that isn’t tested on animals and uses natural and organic ingredients.

For this Mamma, the decision is a natural one!

after shot- a nice natural shade of chocolate brown.

after shot- a nice natural shade of chocolate brown that covered up my mousy mane.




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  1. Kamerine Gardam says:

    Your hair looks great!

  2. Otownmommy says:

    Thanks Kamerine!!! You know the one thing I forgot to mention is that after I washed it the second, third, fourth time I didn’t need the conditioner or any conditioner for that matter! I didn’t get that dried out feeling… Love it!!!

  3. DARLENE W says:

    Wow, sounds like something I should look into further

  4. kathy downey says:

    Will be checking this out

  5. Maddie says:

    I desperately need to try this. May I ask where you bought it? Thank you.

  6. VM says:

    Whole Foods carries it.

  7. Lily says:

    It still contains PPD! This is not a good ingredient

  8. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    I had the same hairdresser for 35 years but she recently retired and the new hairdresser is great so I don’t know what it’s like to do it yourself.

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