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Review: DisneyLive Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show

I had the great privilege of reviewing  ‘Mickey’s Rockin Roadshow’.  Even more excited then I was, were my two daughters. They are four years old and in love with the whole mickey mouse crew.  They have seen the commercials on Disney Junior for the show and were ecstatic to know that we were going to check it out. The added bonus is it was being shown at the National Arts Center in Downtown Ottawa. We were very excited to go to such a beautiful venue.

Checking out the red carpet at the NAC.

We arrived 45 minutes early to pick up our tickets. I have never been to the National Arts Center with the kids so we decided to give ourselves lots of time. I was slightly unprepared for the menagerie of merchandise booths that you are presented with as soon as you enter the NAC.  It was a child’s paradise and a parents nightmare. Overpriced Disney merchandise and lots of it, it is not hard to see how they make such a huge profit on these shows. These vendors only take cash, which can be stressful if you don’t tend to carry cash on you.

looking in awe at all the fancy toys.
The photo booth. You Could get your picture taken as a keepsake.

It really wasn’t too bad. I was able to pull my girls aside and explain to them that we cannot buy everything. They handled it well. Just a a note to other patrons, be prepared for the potential  ‘I wants’ from your little kiddies. It is simply to hard for them to resist when it is right up in your face.

Before we went into the show we prepaid our parking. We were informed that if you prepaid inside the NAC, you saved $3.o0. ( Its the small victories that really count 🙂

We were allowed to go to take our seats 30 minutes before the show. My family and I were pleasantly surprised at how incredible out seats were. We were in the Orchestra about 15 rows from the stage.  I highly recommend sitting in the orchestra. We had a clear view of the whole stage and were close enough to get right into the liveliness of the show.

Our view of the stage.

A major benefit to getting to our seat early was that were were able to get two booster seats for the kids to sit on. They have a very limited amount of boosters and they are on a first come first serve basis. You simply ask an usher for one and they will kindly assist you. As we patiently waited for the excitement to begin a voice came on the intercom system and explained everything we needed to know about the show. They also informed us that pictures and video were prohibited during the show. I really enjoyed that. It was nice not to see a ‘sea of screens’ in front of us.

The show began on a loud, excited and entertaining note.  We were introduced to the ‘host’ of the show. He was entertaining, energetic and spoke clearly. He was like most Disney actors, full of spunk and kids loved him. The premise of the show was that Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie were on a hunt to find some friends who wanted to participate in their talent show. They first met Cinderella and her step sisters. They then traveled to find Woody, Jessie and Buzz Light year from the ‘Toy Story’ movies and lastly they met up with Tigger from ‘Winnie the Pooh’. The first half of the show was all about the road trip to meet their friends and asking them to participate in their special talent show. Each meeting was filled with lively songs and dancing routines. They encouraged the kids (and parents alike) to get up dance and sing. It was tons of fun.

There was a short intermission before the troop preformed their much anticipated talent show.  During the intermission, dancers from each act were walking around the orchestra. They were stopping to talk to the children.  My precocious daughters waved down one of the female dancers. They loved her dress and hair bow and wanted to tell her.  They chatted with her about her dress, their new shoes and the fact that they just turned 4. It was a very adorable conversation. What we didn’t know about these dancers is that they were looking for kids and parents to come on stage to be the opening act of the talent show.  The very kind and patient dancer named Kimberly invited myself and my two girls on stage to preform in the opening act. It was so exciting! A once in a lifetime experience for my starstruck daughters.

The second act of the show began. Each ‘group’ had a talent show routine that was riveting. The music was fun and upbeat and the dancing was lively(think pop stars for little ones.) The whole second act made you want to have your own dance party.  The show ended with a big bang. All the dancers were on stage, Donald let off a cannon of confetti and there were giant Tigger themed beach balls bouncing around the crowd. It was a hoot!

All in all the show was incredible. The actors, actresses and dancer were superb. The music was fun and uplifting. It simply had great entertainment value. The Venue was awesome and the service was amazing. The night was a big hit! I could not have asked for more fun night. I highly recommend this show to anyone who has an opportunity to attend one of ‘Mickey’s rockin roadshows’!


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