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Picture Hook Options For Your Work Space

Our basement work area is, well, a bit stark (as you can see, it really is a work-in-progress). Since this is our hideaway spot to get work done, we did not think to dress it up much. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I want to be able to make this space more of a part of our home so we can hide from the heat in comfort. One way we thought to spruce up this space is to hang some art on the walls so we are not looking at blank walls all the time.You will find below some Picture Hook Options For Your Work Space!

Picture Hook Options to Help Spruce Up Your Work Space

1. Gallery System

Since I did not know where to start, I started doing some research as to how to hang wall art, I came across the gallery system as a picture hook option. We could use to not only put up wall art and personal family photos quickly and easily is by using a Wall or Ceiling Track system with C-Hanger clips with a Ball-End Cable to hang onto the track. This system is great for hanging wall art and framed photos from non standard locations.

2. Grid-Ceiling Wall Hanger

The ceiling in our basement is made up of ceiling tiles, so we also like the Grid-Ceiling Wall Hanger as a picture hook option. It is designed to be used where ceiling tiles have a square edge cut and sit above T-bars, concealed T –bars or other less popular configurations. The Grid-Ceiling Wall Hanger is also great to use with L-Molding. I like this look because it fits into the framing of your suspending ceiling, so it is easy to move art works and photos around with ease.

3. Panel-Top Hanger

Another hanging wall hook choice we would think of using in our basement to hang wall art and framed photos is the Panel-Top Hanger. These hangers are available in different sizes, and with the use of a Ball-End Cable, can be used to easily suspend from panels and similar structures. I like that these hangers are easy to remove from panels so they can be used over and over again without making any holes in the walls.

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Photo Credit: AS Hanging

All of these three picture hook options are great to use, depending on the look you are trying to achieve in the space you would like to hang your art. A great aspect of all of these options that the cables can be set to your desired length to achieve a different look or to accommodate different size frames. Finally, all of these methods, once properly installed, prevent a peppering of holes in your walls from not being satisfied with where you chose to place your art or framed pictures.

Picture Hook Options For Your Work SpacePin

Since starting our family, we have created so many memories. Now I have so many different looks to think about where these different picture hook options and the gallery system are concerned, any one of these ideas will make it easier to make our basement work space into more of a part of our home.

Which of these ideas would you use to hang your wall art or framed photos in your work space?

Disclaimer: I was compensated by AS Hanging to write this post. The views expressed within this post are my own.

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  1. I love this method of hanging pictures – no more holes in the walls that are always in the wrong place when you want to alter the pictures hanging on the walls.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! All of these ideas are great methods to hanging pictures on a wall without the “Swiss cheese effect” happening. I’m glad you like them, too!


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