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Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7

Do you have children who love music? The Manotick Arts Camp is offering weekly music classes for typically developing children and children with developmental delays aged 2-7. All kinds of children can really benefit by this activity! Many children with autism spectrum disorder, for example, have enhanced memory music and may be very motivated to engage to this type of music class. Through games of singing, and movement, children learn to play in ensemble with one another on real instruments. This is great fun for kids and great for their overall development! Music education enhances many cognitive abilities that are necessary for success at school.

Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7 For All Kinds Of ChildrenPin
Children playing music instruments

Why It’s Important To Take Music Classes

Learning to sing and play instruments trains the auditory system and can be beneficial to children with language delays. In order to play music together, children learn to synchronize their movements to a common beat, which improves fine and gross motor movement as well as self-control. Playing music together involves teamwork and requires social engagement! Besides getting early musical training, which is so important to future musical education, children will be engaging in an activity which has so many other developmental benefits as well.

Music Classes Benefits

Developing your child’s musical ear is so beneficial for learning to play an instrument later on. Like learning a language, similar principles apply to learning music. The more exposure we have to hearing and speaking a language early on, the more natural that language becomes for us. In contrast, languages learned later in life, in general, are not spoken or understood with the same kind of ease.

Exposing your child early to listening and playing music can really develop the auditory system and give your child the fundamentals for learning to play music later on. Singing in tune, playing to a common beat and distinguishing individual notes on xylophones, bells and percussive instruments are skills which are so important to further musical development.

Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7 For All Kinds Of ChildrenPin
Woman playing the piano while children watch

Music Education

Music education can be very beneficial for children with developmental delays. Musical training can improve the distinction of consonant sounds and can improve language comprehension. Playing music with your peers can strengthen the emotional bond within the group. Music provides a structure with social rules of engagement. When everyone plays in rhythm with one another, there is a great feeling of unity and satisfaction.

Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7 For All Kinds Of ChildrenPin
Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7 For All Kinds Of Children

These experiences can be a guide for knowing how to interact in group situations. Many other areas of cognition are affected by musical training. In fact, studies have shown that there are so many benefits of music education in children that brain development seems to speed up. Most children LOVE music. The activities in our classes are so enjoyable that the children do not even realize they are learning!

Music Classes in Manotick For Children Aged 2-7 For All Kinds Of ChildrenPin
Children in costumes

Music for Wee ones weekly Classes are on-going during the school year and through the summer in the beautiful village of Manotick. Check our their website for location, time and cost. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

This blog post is sponsored by The Manotick Arts Camp.

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