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Much Love for Mucho Burrito Restaurant Review

I love Mexican food. It could be one of my favourite types of food. The avocado, the spices, black beans, cheese – I love it all. So, I was pretty excited when Mucho Burrito opened up in Ottawa several years ago. I would have to say it’s now one of my favourite fast food restaurants and so I was thrilled to have the chance to try it again and do a review of the place.

Yes, there are many Mexican restaurants in Ottawa but for fast food options, there is really only a…shall I say…lower-end option. It’s apparent that Ottawa loves the unique fast food option of Mucho Burrito too. According to the Kanata location’s franchisee Andrew Oestreich, the capital’s locations (see the list at the bottom of the review) are in the top 10 in the system and the one I visited, in the west-end, is number one.

You don’t really need to wonder why the restaurant is so popular. It is a fast food option, perhaps only a couple of dollars more than your average burger and fries joint and a lot healthier. Oestreich said he was eager to take over the Kanata location because the concept of the restaurant, which is very similar to Chipotle in the United States, was easy to get behind and champion.

Mucho BurritoPin

Mucho Burrito in Ottawa started with the Kanata store and has since grown to include 4 additional locations – Baseline, Orleans, Souths Keys and Trainyards. Andrew mentions, “The food concept is Fresh Mexican Grill and has proven to be very popular in Ottawa. In 2012, I lost my job and decided to make some big life changes – one of them included selling my home and buying into the Kanata location. I believe in the food and concept that much! Mucho Burrito is a 100% Canadian business. We are strong supporters of our community.”

They offer slow-cooked barbacoa (shredded beef), and carnitas (shredded pork), fire-roasted vegetables and amazing salsas and guacamole that is made daily. They have vegetarian options and other meat options including chicken breast, tilapia, carne asada (steak), chorizo sausage and shrimp. Their menu offers quesadillas, tacos, burritos and taqueiria salads that look amazing (I think next time I visit I will try one of the salads and maybe a Chicken Tortilla Soup).

I took my two and a half year old daughter, Nina and a good friend and her husband. They just had their first baby a couple of months ago and I thought it would be a nice treat for them to get out. And, it gave me the chance to see their cute baby. But, I digress.

I ordered a regular-sized carnitas burrito and it was huge! It was also very delicious. The meat was tender and tasty with a smoky flavour. I love the fact that you can get your meal made to order. That means you can choose to add two types of beans, rice, salsas, vegetables, cheese and other garnishes like fresh cilantro and jalapenos to your dish.

All kids meals come with tortilla chips and a drink and Nina had a mini chicken burrito. She absolutely devoured her burrito to the point it started falling apart and she just kept on digging into the opened tortilla with a fork. I thought she was finally done but as I was getting her ready to leave the high chair she had one more forkful of burrito goodness for the road. It appears she enjoys her Mexican food too – like mother, like daughter.

I also had a churro, which is a deep-fried pastry rolled with cinnamon and sugar. Nina eyed it the entire time so I felt I had to share with her. It was supposed to come with a dulce de leche dipping sauce although to be honest, it was great without it.

My friend had a vegetarian quesadilla and her husband had a carne asada taco trio. They are also regulars of Mucho Burrito and they really enjoyed their meal. We didn’t take advantage of the fact that Mucho Burrito also serves alcohol but I find that a great feature that really sets it apart from your average fast food restaurant. Oestreich says that this fact makes the restaurant a big hit with business people and that they are also packed before hockey games and concerts at the Canadian Tire Centre. It was quite busy when we went on a Saturday at lunch and he says that is the norm.

I highly recommend Mucho Burrito for a casual restaurant option that is quick, but also very enjoyable. Mucho Burrito also offers kids meals to suit the younger crowds tastes and Gluten free options.  It will be even more enjoyable when you can save some money using the coupon below valid at all Mucho Burrito locations in Ottawa and expires April 30, 2014.

 You can view the menu and find out more about Mucho Burrito by visiting www.muchoburrito.com.

Ottawa Locations:


PHONE: 613-595-0007

HOURS: Monday : 10:30AM – 9:30PM

Tueday – Wednesday : 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Thursday – Saturday : 10:30AM – 10:30PM

Sunday : 10:30AM – 9:00PM



PHONE: 613-860-2444

HOURS: Monday – Thursday 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Friday – Saturday 10:30AM – 10:30PM

Sunday 10:30AM – 9:00PM


PHONE: 613-224-4444

HOURS: Monday – Wednesday : 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Thursday – Saturday : 10:30AM – 10:30PM

Sunday : 10:30AM – 9:00PM


PHONE: 613-695-6201

HOURS: Sunday – Wednesday : 10:30AM – 10:00 PM

Thursday – Saturday : 10:30AM – 10:30PM


PHONE: 613-824-8383

HOURS: Monday – Thursday 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Friday – Saturday 10:30AM – 10:00PM

Sunday 10:30AM – 9:00PM

Disclosure: For the purposes of this review, I received the above mentioned food free of charge and with compensation. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh, this post reminds me that I have to take my boys to Mucho! I went in November, at 39 weeks pregnant! I was running errands and got super hungry. Normally, I don’t eat fast food at all, because I can’t find options for my dietary needs – but I spotted the Mucho Burrito and got some brown rice with all the fixings. It was great to see fresh choices right in front of me.

  2. I have never ate there, but I was with my husband when he ordered. I was happy to see healthy options. I was kind of sad sitting there watching him eat while I sipped on a smoothie haha.

  3. The churro and the burrito look very delish! I think we have one right here in Oakville but it’s a bit far from our place. I love tacos, chorizos and avocados and I hope that the coupon will also work here… thanks for sharing!

  4. One thing I can say about Mucho Burrito is that you definitely get the bang for your buck! You never leave dissatisfied or hungry!

  5. Looks like a delicious time was had by all! I am a little skittish with certain types of food, but my daughter would be all over this one, LOL. Me? I will stick with plain nachos 🙂

  6. I live in Orleans and never seen that restaurant. It reminds me of a restaurant I go in US. I will try to find it. Thanks.

  7. Last January we had a nice lunch at this restaurant. I am not for Mexican food, spicy does not agree with me, so I have asked what could I order milder. I ate a full plate of quesedillas delicious. Will repeat the experience for sure.

  8. I have never eaten at Mucho burrito but they have opened up a few near me recently. I told my son we will go to it soon and have a burrito! He is super excited and so am I

  9. I am going to find this awesome place with my GPS.It sounds so good..love Mexican food.Thanks for the great review.

  10. I love Mexican food, that is IF its authentic. So many times I have gone to places and the food is not prepared the way I had been used to it at a hometown place I loved so well and then the families had to leave and close due to family health of loved ones in their home state. I have not been to a Mucho burrito. There is one here where I live and I will have to try it out one day. Thanks for sharing.


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