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Mortgage For First Time Home Buyer: Mortgage Application Checklist

If you have a dream about owning your first home and applying for a mortgage then you may be a bit nervous when beginning the process. While having your own home is just about every family’s dream the high prices and paperwork involved can be overwhelming. In addition to this, many lenders will be more concerned with earning a profit than with helping you find a home that matches your income. How to prepare for mortgage application? Below are a mortgage application checklist with steps you can take to properly apply for your first mortgage.

Applying for a mortgage for first time home buyer used to be simple. People would compare the prices and rates on houses they wanted, and once the found a lender they were comfortable with, they would make a large down payment and then move in. Today things have changed, and going through the number of options available can be very stressful. One thing you should do before getting a mortgage for first time home buyer is to educate yourself.

First Mortgage Application Checklist Step

The first thing you will want to do is look at your current income. How much do you make per year? How secure is your job? Remember, if you go about getting a mortgage the traditional way, it could take 15 to 25 years to pay it off, and if you get behind on your payments, you could lose your home and have your credit ruined. If you can’t afford a home, it is best not to move into one until you can. This will keep you from taking on debt you can’t afford.

How Much Can You Afford?

If you feel that you can afford a mortgage the next thing you should decide is how much you can afford. Lenders have a tendency to offer you mortgages which are more than you can afford, and this is important to remember. In addition to the cost of the mortgage itself, you will have to pay taxes, insurance and other expenses as well. These costs should be included in your monthly expenses.

Apply Directly Or Via A Broker?

When you begin looking for a mortgage you will encounter two types of lenders; mortgage brokers and direct lenders. The direct lenders are the people who have the money to lend you. They are ultimately the individuals who decide if you will be approved for a home. The mortgage broker acts as a middleman, going out and finding direct lenders who can give you the best deal.

While the lenders may have a limited number of loans available, a mortgage broker will often have access to multiple lenders simultaneously. If you are looking for a specific type of mortgage, a mortgage broker may be better to use than a direct lender. However, a mortgage broker will charge you for their services, and this could be a certain percentage of the mortgage loan you end up with. With the rise of the internet, online mortgage brokers can help you save money.

Mortgage Application: Get The Paper Work In Order

Once you have found a loan and got your mortgage pre-approved through a direct lender or mortgage broker the next step is to fill out a mortgage application. There are a number of things you will need to fill out on the mortgage application and it will help if you have some supporting documents. You will need to provide information about your income, length of employment, and your assets. They will also want to know what other loans or credit cards you have.

Mortgage Application Checklist For First Time Home BuyersPin

Once this information has been provided, the lender will look at your credit report. In addition to this, they will want to see your bank statements and check stubs from your job. You may also need to show them tax information and data about your insurance. If your credit is good, an appraiser will be hired to make sure the house is valued at the loan amount that will be given to you.

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Andrew W Bradley
Andrew W Bradleyhttp://andrewwbradley.ca
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  1. I think that this is really very important that people understand what having a mortgage entails. It can be a big worry and you need to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. Thanks for the very informative post. 🙂

  2. my sisters 44 and just got her first house this month and my daughter will be eligible to do the incentives for grad students wanting to buy their own homes

  3. It’s great for first timers to do their searching and studying, just don’t go jumping right in and buying the first home you see!!

  4. Thanks for this! I am looking to purchase my first home and your article is a great overview.

    Do you know if there is a different between a loan at a bank versus through a mortgage broker?

  5. “Lenders have a tendency to offer you mortgages which are more than you can afford, and this is important to remember.”

    This is very true!

    We recently bought our first house, but only purchased what we could afford on one salary, so we wouldn’t need to worry during mat leaves or if someone lost a job.

  6. It’s definitely a great thing to do but thankfully ours has been paid for years because we were determined to get it paid off


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