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Luca Disney Themed Dinner Menu

Getting ready for a Disney movie themed dinner and a movie night is easy with these free recipe printables for Disney’s Luca movie. The Luca Disney themed dinner menu includes a new pasta dish, a bruschetta appetizer, a cocktail, and a yummy gelato to finish your meal.

When I was a kid, every Sunday after dinner we would get excited for The Wonderful World of Disney to catch a movie. It was something that we looked forward to each week. Over the years, we would purchase videos and later DVDs of all our favourite Disney movies. Now we have Disney Plus and can watch those old time favourites and new ones like Luca after its premiere last summer.

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Luca Movie on Disney Plus

Visit the Italian Riviera anytime with Disney Pixar’s Luca, an exclusive to Disney+, so make sure to subscribe to watch this film and others. When Luca and Alberto meet, they bond into a friendship that leads them into adventures with courage and curiosity. Luca and Alberto are sea monsters, but can disguise themselves as humans while out of the water. Their summer adventure leads them to a small fictitious fishing town of Portorosso where they meet Guilia and become a trio. Will anyone find out who they really are or will they live as humans forever? For that answer, you will need to watch the movie. My daughter suggestion is to have a box of tissues on hand since some scenes brought tears to her eyes.

Luca Dinner Menu

Your family will love this Disney themed dinner menu! These Disney movie copycat recipes include an easy recipe for bruschetta, Luca’s pasta: Trenette al Pesto, a Deep Blue Sea cocktail, and a delicious strawberry gelato dessert.

Homemade bruschetta

Start dinner off right with this recipe for bruschetta appetizer. It will hold you over until your main course is ready. For this meal, we will be serving Bruschetta. What exactly is it? Well, it is an antipasto made up of lightly grilled bread topped with olive oil and salt. Some toppings may include tomatoes, vegetables, meat, or cheese. For our Luca menu, it will be topped with tomatoes. Bruschetta is served cold. Make sure not to add the toppings until you are ready to serve or the bread could go a bit soggy.

Trenette al Pesto

This Luca pasta recipe is an important food in the movie. Trenette al Pesto is made and served often by Guilia’s father Massimo. Luca and Alberto must love it as they shovel it into their mouths with their hands every time they eat while others look on in awe. While many of us are more familiar with marinara or white sauce, this recipe calls for pesto. This is a creamy basil and garlic sauce with cheese and pine nuts.

Cocktail of the Sea

Every dinner needs a delicious drink to wash it down with. This Deep Blue Sea cocktail will remind you of the ocean. Whether you are serving adults or children, this recipe has accommodations for a cocktail or a mocktail. While this recipe is per glass, you could always make a pitcher to save time and have it already prepared and ready to sip.


Gelato and ice cream are very similar; however, there is more milk and less cream in gelato. While they definitely look the same, once you have a taste of each you will be able to taste the difference.

If you plan on adding this strawberry gelato to your dessert menu for the evening, then you will need to prepare this long before dinner. It will need time to chill and freeze, but by the time you have finished your Luca themed dinner it will be ready to serve.

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You are now ready to download the Luca Disney themed dinner menu! This Disney Luca printable includes a main dish, appetizer, drink/cocktail, and dessert all featuring Disney Pixar’s Luca. To download the free printable, simply click on the photo above or click here!

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