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Ideas On How To Decorate A Themed Christmas Tree

Whether your Christmas tree is real or fake, there are simple rules for making it look its best during the holiday season. Looking for attractive Christmas tree decorating tips? Discover below some great Ideas On How To Decorate A Themed Christmas Tree!

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

When picking out your Christmas tree, whether real or fake, choose one that is about a foot to a foot and a half shorter than the top of your room to allow clearance for the tree topper. Also, Christmas trees can be five feet wide, so keep in mind the tree may fill most of the floor space in a small room. If it’s a live tree, remember to trim enough branches from the bottom to make room for gifts.

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First Step for Trimming a Christmas Tree: LED Lights

Once the Christmas tree is properly positioned in the house, many people are tempted to throw down the tree skirt. Wait. You will want to sweep up needles that fell during decorating, so save the skirt for next to last.

The first step when trimming a tree is to string the lights. Plug in the lights to make sure they work and string the tree with the lights lit so you can see how you are doing. A rule of thumb is that you’ll need one strand of lights per foot of tree. Therefore, a six-foot tree requires six strings of lights.

Start placing the lights at the top of the tree and work between branches until the bottom is reached. Wind the lights not only over the outer edges but inward to give the tree depth. The inside branches are easier to reach when not inhibited by other lights, and ornaments so always do those branches before the others. This will ensure that the tree is more captivating and full once the ornaments are used. After the lights are on, keep them lit as you decorate the rest of the tree. Due to the use of electricity, it is best not to involve young children with this part.

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The Best Way to Hang Decorations and Ornaments

Once the LED Christmas tree lights are in-place, show the kids where to put the ornaments and trims. Whether your ornaments are homemade, heirlooms, or store-bought, there are a few rules to make them look their best.

If you plan to use garland, ribbon, popcorn strings or the like, now is the time to put them up. The garland should wind around each row of branches with graceful folds and bends and not stretched tight. Tinsel is also best placed after the lights have been strung and before the ornaments are in place.

An important Christmas tree decorating tip is to continue the same strategy of placing ornaments on the inner branches, as this makes the tree look more impressive. Always place the nicer ornaments on the outer branches.

Placement of Ornaments and Tree Trims

First, hang ornaments that require placement next to lights. Certain ornaments glow, sparkle, and shine when placed on branches that allow them to dangle next to or in front of lights. Space these evenly across the tree. Next, choose ornaments that are breakable and place them on the top half of the tree, out of reach of little hands, paws, or teeth.

Fill in the rest of the decorations, evenly spacing ornaments of the same color and style. Place oversized ornaments closer to the bottom where they will not stick out awkwardly. Stand back every few minutes to see where the bare spaces are. You have too many decorations if you need to place more than one ornament on a single branch. Consider paring down your collection or investing in a second tree in another room. You have too few ornaments if your ornaments are spaced more than 9 inches apart. This will also vary slightly depending on the size of your tree.

Putting the Final Touches on Your Christmas Tree

After the decorations, it is finally time for the Christmas tree skirt. Your Christmas tree skirt should be wide enough to hide the tree stand, but not so wide that it peeks out from under the tree. You don’t want step on it, trip over, or accidentally tug it, toppling the tree. Lastly comes the Christmas tree topper.

Now turn off the lights, sip a little cider or eggnog with Christmas cookies, and enjoy your perfect tree!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Choosing the most appropriate Christmas tree decorating idea may appear to be wasteful of time, but it helps greatly later on. Buying all the LED Christmas tree lights and ornaments only to find that they don’t go with the decor of the home could prove to be a costly exercise.

The right Christmas tree decorating idea can significantly enhance the look and feel of the family home. Learning more about maintaining the health of a tree, investing time in the selection process, and choosing a colour scheme that fits in with the room’s decor can save time and money further down-the-line. Involving the children can make this a fun and enjoyable event for all.

Real Christmas Tree Health

Before continuing with a Christmas tree decorating idea, it is important to make sure that, if you have a live tree, it is kept healthy – an important learning exercise for kids. The stump of the tree should be freshly cut and given its own water reservoir. Provided that this is topped-up regularly, the longevity of the tree will be maximized.

Christmas Tree Color Scheme That Fits With Your Home Decor

It is important to choose a colour scheme that fits in with the decor of a home. Whilst silver ornaments may look nice when a room is a bolder primary colour (blues, greens, and reds), it won’t be nearly as impressive when the walls are a neutral colour. Show children the various colour combinations to see which one they prefer:

  • Red and silver
  • Blue and silver
  • Purple and silver
  • Blue and gold
  • Green and gold
  • Red and gold
  • Purple and gold

Conversely, combining silver and gold will look attractive when a room is a bolder primary colour, such as red, green, or blue. A contrasting colour scheme is usually the correct option when Christmas decorating.

Decorating Ideas For Christmas Trees With A Theme

Christmas tree decorating themes are great fun. Start with an items list for decorating in the chosen theme, remembering the tree’s location and the home’s decor style.

A combination of old fashioned, homemade, and collected ornaments from over the years is a wonderful way to decorate a Christmas tree. Well-worn seasonal decorations create a sense of warmth for everyone with their old fashioned traditional style; however, if a theme tree is more to what Christmas calls for this year, here are some simple guidelines with easy ideas on how to decorate a themed Christmas tree for making it the talk of the holiday season!

Country Rustic Christmas Tree ThemePin

Country Rustic Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Old Fashioned Traditional

  •             strings of popcorn, strings of cranberries
  •             gingerbread ornaments
  •             sprigs of holly berries
  •             painted, wooden ornaments, or simple homemade ornaments
  •             ornaments should be in earth tone or natural country colours
  •             a combination of amber and/or white lights to simulate candlelight

Note: Stay away from Christmas tree ornaments that glitter or shine.

Santa’s Workshop Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Delightfully Whimsical

  • Santa Claus and elf ornaments
  • sleigh and reindeer ornaments
  • DIY Santa’s Workshop Ornament           
  • small tools and mini paint brushes
  • mini ladders
  • mini stuffed felt or fabric bags representing toy sacks
  • candy canes representing the North Pole
  • miniature toy ornaments
  • coloured lights

Note: Uncomplicated primary or secondary colours work best.

Victorian Lady Christmas Tree ThemePin

Victorian Lady Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Old World Elegance

  •             frosted or matte fruit ornaments
  •             glass Christmas tree ornaments filled with potpourri
  •             paper cornucopias filled with small flowers
  •             cinnamon sticks tied with ribbons and lace
  •             organza bags filled with potpourri or flower petals
  •             silk roses
  •             lace and ribbon ornaments
  •             pearl or pearlescent garland or beads
  •             white and/or amber lights to simulate candlelight

Note: Stay away from harsh colours; use shades of pink instead of red, cream instead of white.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree ThemePin
Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Theme

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Modern Classic

  •             various shades of blue with bright white ornaments
  •             glittery silver and crystal ornaments
  •             snowflake ornaments
  •             silver tinsel garland
  •             white and/or pale blue lights to simulate moonlight on snow

Note: Flickering lights work well with this theme

Traditional Elegance Christmas Tree ThemePin
Beautiful holiday decorated room with Christmas tree with present boxes under it

Traditional Elegance Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Rich but Understated

  •             burgundy and dark green velvet or satin ornaments
  •             gold and/or silver ornaments
  •             pearl and/or crystal ornaments
  •             gold beaded garland
  •             burgundy velvet and/or dark green satin bows
  •             mini white lights to brighten the darker colours

Note: Burgundy is better to Christmas red; blue ornaments do not suit this theme.

Music Recital Christmas Tree Theme

Craft-O-Maniac shares “My Music Theme Christmas Tree and More Holiday Decor” post for you to see how beautiful this theme Christmas tree can be for a music lover.

Style: Whimsical for the Music Lover or Collector

  • any type of musical instrument, preferably realistically styled; any ornaments representing pianos or piano keys
  • sheet music scrolls
  • musical notes
  • homemade parchment ornaments with musical words like sonata, symphony, and concerto or composer names like Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart
  • mini chair ornaments of any style
  • white or coloured lights according to taste

Note: White lights will have a classic look; colored lights are more whimsical.

Favourite Color Christmas Tree Theme Style: Whimsical or Elegant (Depending on Decorations Chosen) and/or Specific to Home Decor

  • combination of ornaments and garland in a chosen colour
  • lights in the chosen colour to match

Notes: Adding silver or gold to the combination depends on the chosen color, i.e., gold garland or tinsel works with red and burgundy theme trees, silver garland or tinsel works with blue, green, or pink theme trees.

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Decorating for the Holidays in a Theme Will Refresh the Season

I hope you liked our easy and simply ideas on how to decorate a themed Christmas tree! Enjoy exploring other ideas by using these Christmas tree themes as a guideline. Wonderful Christmas displays are easy conversation starters for when guests arrive. Consider the style that works best with the decor of the home and let imagination take it from there!

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