How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

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How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

Holidays are supposed to be the best days for working parents to take a tea break and unwind, but how can you enjoy a stress-free holiday when you have kids restlessly tumbling and rolling around while vacationing on a beautiful cottage in Cobourg Beach?


How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

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A family is a team, you live with and for each other, and one loves and takes care of another. And as a team you do things together, spending quality time with each other — a meaningful moment that forever will be kept in a child’s memory for a lifetime, thus sending a strong message of love to one another. See below some holiday ideas that parents and kids would enjoy together.

Travel together

A study showed that family trips have a profound and lasting impact on kids’ overall happiness and well-being. Spending a holiday together — whether at home or going to new places or doing a new activity — helps to develop parts of the brain of the child that is associated with everything from stress management to an improved ability to learn. In fact, kids who go on vacation come back to school and score higher grades, especially in reading, math and general knowledge. Researchers also found out that vacations are beneficial in building lasting memories.

“Mind” the kids 

Whether you like it or not, as a responsible parent you will need to deal with your children all the time, 24 hours a day with no day off or holidays, with them or apart. So when you plan the best weekend getaway, consider a place, time and activity that could accommodate the whole family and which everyone, especially your kids, would enjoy — like great family ski resorts in Mont Tremblant.


How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

Pig out with the kiddos 

If you decide to spend the holiday at home then make sure you have enough food for everyone to feast on. You can either cook your own special recipe of crispy orange beef and mac n’ cheese or if you opt to be a little lazy for a day, then try ordering food delivery in Toronto and have the best time pigging out with the kiddos at home.

Go and see a movie

Movie watching will have to come to a mutual understanding, as your kids might have a different choice than yours. In such cases, kids would ask to go in a separate cinema from parents which seems fair, but will defeat the purpose of family bonding. As a result, kids are usually the winners.


How Parents Can Enjoy Weekends and Holidays With Kids

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Meaningful holidays 

If you have been spending holidays roaming around the world and unwinding in white sand beaches for many years now, you may want to spend the next holiday differently from the rest. Take the family to do some gift giving at nursing homes, or volunteer to help in a soup kitchen in the community. You may also have the kids prepare and pack their old toys and clothes to donate to street children, or organize food in a local food bank. This will teach kids the virtue of giving back.


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