Glamping it up at Parkbridge’s Parc La Conception

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Tent is already set up and ready to go.


Our site is already set up and ready!

I have to admit when I first heard about “Glamping” I thought it was pretty silly. Now I’m not going to win Survivor or anything like that but to me tent camping wasn’t supposed to be a weekend at the spa. However, after spending 3 days in August this year at Parkbridge’s Parc La Conception near Mont Tremblant I have completely changed my mind about “Glamping” and I would happily go “Glamping” anytime.

glamping carPacking the car to camping for a family 4 is not fun. Trying to stuff the tent, food, clothes, stove and everything else you need into a SUV takes a lot of calculated packing and patience.  There is always a tough decision at the end of leaving something at home or being able to look out the back window and it is always something fun that has to be left at home. When heading off to a ready-to-camp site you have room to bring all your fun stuff. My wife and I got into the car to go she looked into the back and asked me “Is it that all that we’re bringing?”

I looked at the packing list then the back of the car and replied, “Yup, that’s it.”

Parc La Conception Red River

Kids playing in the water in front of our camp site.

After crossing over the Ottawa River on the Rockland-Thurso ferry and a nice drive to the resort we were greeted by friendly staff at the reception desk and found our way to the campsite. When we pulled into the site it hit me – we don’t have to rush and get everything unpacked, tent set up, blow up air mattresses, get snacks for kids and all the other things involved in setting up you campsite. We simply got out, took what we needed from the car and we were done!

Ready, set glamping!

Everything we needed and more was waiting for us inside the tent – beds, small fridge, utensils, coffee maker, table and chairs. Our site had a barbecue, picnic table, fire pit and was right on the Red River were the kids played in the sand and in the shallow water. We had just started our vacation and already we were feeling relaxed and enjoying ourselves.


Parc La Conception

A visit from Mama and her baby ducks.

The next couple of days were great, we spent time playing in the water in front of our site, at the large beautiful beach and of course the kids wanted to play on the slide at the outdoor pool. The kids also enjoyed the cool outdoor playground playing with other kids and walking in the trails in the forest.

At night we had our campfire with the mandatory Smores and Jiffy Pop (my wife’s campfire specialty), looking for constellations and talking.

Campfire fun at Parc La Conception

Having some fun by the campfire. At night we enjoyed a quiet, comfortable sleep on our double bed – as opposed to our air mattress that decided to leak when we were camping two weeks later.

Parkbridge’s Parc La Conception was a great resort for our family to have our first “Glamping” experience. It was clean, had lots of activities for the kids, a beautiful sandy beach and a ready-to-camp site that had everything we needed.

If you’re a family that wants to spend your time camping and not packing, setting up and then packing it all up again or if you just want to try camping without having to buy all the camping equipment a read-to-camp site a Parc La Conception is perfect.

For more information on Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities or to book your next camping trip visit their website, follow them on Twitter @ParkBridgeLife or Pinterest ParkbridgeLife  and check Parc La Conception on Facebook.  

Happy Glamping!






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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    I love this, I’m not a fan of sleeping in a tent but this is more like a cottage and a tent that I could sleep in!! everything at the park sounds great and a lot to do as well!!

  2. AD says:

    I love camping, but have to say that traditional camping is getting harder the older I get. I have to try glamping!

  3. sarah alexis says:

    How awesome. I absolutely 100% LOVE glamping!!!!

  4. Glamping would be much easier for disabled people, like myself, that still love the outdoors. I should look into this.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I love camping!! These fancy tents look amazing!! We were lucky to get camping this summer for 13 days!! 😀

  6. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    I love the tents, I would love to visit and see the whole area

  7. kathy downey says:

    I do love it all what an amazing place to visit !

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