Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy

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Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy

Are you searching for a much-appreciated gift for your child’s teacher? Here are some gifts for teachers the entire class is bound to enjoy.


Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy

Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy



Posters make the classroom more interesting and festive. There are all sorts of appropriate posters available, from fun to inspirational to educational. If you aren’t sure what type of poster would best fit your child’s classroom, check with the teacher to get suggestions.

Shop for them online, or check out big box and school supply stores. If you can’t find anything  you like, it’s even possible to create your own using your computer and/or various art supplies.

            Candy Jar

Every classroom needs a candy jar, sitting proudly on the teacher’s desk. Look for one that’s education-themed or one that depicts something the teacher is fond of… maybe a pet or hobby.

Whatever design you choose, it’s recommended you opt for one that’s made out of plastic. This way, it won’t shatter if it gets knocked off of the desk accidentally. Go a step further and include a few bags of candy, to keep the jar full for an extended period of time.


Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy

Children books



There’s no such thing as too many books in the classroom. They provide the perfect solution to periods of occasional downtime. It typically doesn’t matter which books you choose, as long as they’re age appropriate for the kids in the class.


Gifts For Teachers That The Whole Class Will Enjoy

Game of Scrabble


            Board Games

On certain days, your kids might get a break from usual lessons and be rewarded some free time. Help make this time more enjoyable with a new board game for the class.

Games like Checkers, Trouble, or Battleship are simple and quick to play, while games like Trivial Pursuit or Cranium will help the class learn while having fun. Check with your child to see if their class tends to have free time and what sort of games they like to play.

Do you have any gift suggestions for teachers that the whole class will enjoy? 


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  1. loriag says:

    Those are great ideas, I also like gift cards and books.

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    Some great ideas, my girls gave their teachers ornaments, every year they would get an ornament for their tree, it wasn’t expensive and something they can put on their tree or whatever!

  3. DebH says:

    Great idea to give gifts that the whole class can enjoy!

  4. Calvin F. says:

    Very nice gifts for the teachers. Thoughtful !

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    What a great idea, the kids would love this too.

  6. Jonnie says:

    These are such creative tacher gifts! I’m sure they get more coffee mugs and toote bags than they know what to do with.

  7. KD says:

    We included a poster as part of the gift for each teacher last year.

  8. Erin N says:

    These are thoughtful and perfect gift ideas for teachers. Thank you & have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. LisaM says:

    I love to give books at the holidays and for my son’s birthday.

  10. jan says:

    my sister is a teacher and she loves receiving items for the classroom.

  11. Kristi says:

    I love the idea of getting teachers gifts that benefit the whole class. Posters that are educational and books as well would be great choices!

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