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It’s Okay to Give Books as Gifts

It’s Okay to Give Books as Gifts

I have two young children, ages 3 and 5, a girl and a boy, and I love it when they get books as gifts. Why? Because books can be shared, aren’t gender-specific, don’t go bad, and grow with my kids. Books are the perfect gift…unless you’re going for the big reaction from the kid, the squeals of delight upon opening the most coveted toy. Yeah, a book probably won’t get that reaction. Do you find it’s okay to give books as gifts?


Books also make a great addition to a gift. Say you got a set of blocks or the most obnoxious, loud, musical toy set you could find, and you need to add to it. The kid will be happy with the toy and the parents will be happy to have another book to add to their library. I promise.

The other thing is that books can be seasonal. In the basement we have bins for different holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Easter – and books in each. Storing the books during the off-season makes them that much better when they do get pulled out of storage. And you won’t have to read about reindeer and snow in the middle of July. We just pulled out the Halloween bin and the kids were delighted with all the books they found.


Do you love it when your child opens a gift and it’s a book?

Kamerine Gardam
Kamerine Gardamhttp://www.thelifeofk.ca/
Kamerine has been blogging for 10 years, the past four and a half as a mom. She has a 4.5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter who was born at home with only her husband there to help. Completely transformed by that experience Kamerine is now working as a birth doula. She will be writing about her experiences parenting two young children, books her and her children love, and things to do in the city.

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  1. I love when my girls get books as gifts. They have MORE than enough toys.

    And my two-year-old is currently at the stage where she loves storytime and can sit through longer stories. We are currently reading and rereading Alice in Wonderland before bed each night and I’m excited to start reading other slightly longer ones with her as well.

  2. yes, I often give books as gifts to my grandchildren. They aren’t as thrilled as when it’s a toy but come bedtime they want to know what the book’s all about 🙂 I like to encourage them to read and giving books must be a step in the right direction.

  3. Yes! I always love gifting books as a “side” gift – parents appreciate it, and teenagers themselves also appreciate it when it’s something they like (i.e. Harry potter, etc.)! It also makes me happy too to know that I am giving them fun and exciting reading material!

  4. My son is 3 and he loves books. I would definitely love to get them as gifts. He’s still at the tearing things up stage, so it’s better to get him board books for now as they are more durable, but he really enjoys them!


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