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5 Fabulous Family Resorts to Visit While Skiing in the Laurentians

Winter is a great time for families to get out and enjoy themselves. As long as you are dressed for the weather, the world beyond your front door is a wonderland for a whole new type of adventures to explore. This time of year is also great for a getaway. One of the most popular places to get away and enjoy the outdoors is Mont Tremblant in the Laurentians located in Québec. Many families travel to this part of Canada to take in the beauty of the nature and to play in it through various sports like skiing. You will find below 5 Fabulous Family Resorts to Visit While Skiing in the Laurentians!

Skiing Québec with Kids from Green Circles to Black DiamondsPin
Photo Credit: Tourisme Laurentides; Sommet Saint Sauveur.

5 Fabulous Family Resorts to Visit While Skiing in the Laurentians

Planning a fun ski vacation this winter to the Laurentians is easy. But where do you start looking for a place to stay? There are numerous resorts that are waiting for you to visit. Looking for a blend of outdoor activities as well as proximity to the mountains of Mont Tremblant? Saint-Saveur, Québec is a great resort for a family to stay. Besides skiing, tobogganing and tubbing are other popular things to do while in the area. Visitors can also enjoy everything Parc John has to offer for outdoor activities to enjoy while not skiing.

5 Fabulous Family Resorts to Visit While Skiing in the LaurentiansPin
Ski_Vallee_Saint_Sauveur©Tourisme Laurentides.

A bit further away from Mont Tremblant are Sainte-Adèle and Ski Chantecler.  Sainte-Adèle is known for its beautiful scenery, delightful cuisine, and for places visitors can go to indulge in pampering themselves. If more of a recharge is in order, then these resorts are the places to stay.

Want to be in close proximity to the ski lifts at Mont Tremblant? Why not book your stay there? Mont Tremblant is one of the world’s most renowned mountains for skiers to visit while challenging their snowy trails. You would also feel as though you are on top of the world as it one of the highest points in the Laurentians. When not on the slopes, the Pedestrian Village is the place to go to shop, eat and play. Any family would have a blast enjoying their getaway to this destination.

Are you ready to book your stay in or around Mont Tremblant this winter? Take a look at some of the best resorts in the Laurentians at Room 5 on Trivago where families can ski and explore everything this region of the Canada has to offer its guests!

Which one of these resorts would you like to take your family for a fun ski getaway?

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  1. I’m afraid that I don’t do any of the winter sports, I never learnt as a child nor later in life and that is a huge disadvantage here in Canada where winters are so long.


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