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Turn Guessing Into Fun With Kroeger Inc. Games Review

Kroeger Inc. wants people to make summer fun with games they have in their roster. We were asked to try out three games to see if my loved ones could turn guessing into fun. We could not wait to get playing!

Summer brings about a lot of things with it. One of the things that is not guaranteed is the fun. That is something we have to add to have a good time at this time of the year. Games are an amazing way to entertain yourself and disconnect from devices. Having to guess what other players are doing or saying can turn a bland day into one filled with laughter. You can also check out these games we previously reviewed from Kroeger Inc.

I received these games from Kroeger Inc. to try and enjoy:

  • Mouth Guard Challenge
  • How to Rob a Bank
  • Who’s The Dude?
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Mouth Guard Challenge Game By Kroeger Inc.

Trying to figure out what people are saying when they are mumbling. Imagine trying to decipher what they are saying with a mouth guard in their mouths!

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Mouth Guard Challenge is a game that gets people to do just that. With 1100 different challenges to take on, players are competing to be the most understood in 45 seconds. Players are trying to pronounce words, phrases, and silly sayings while manoeuvering a mouth guard around your mouth.

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I played this game with my eldest and we had an amazing time! Once the mouth guard was in, that is when the fun began! Trying to say the various words and phrases on each of the cards was the hardest part, but also the best! For us, Ps and Fs were the toughest to say and get across to each other. We can’t wait play this game in a bigger group this summer.

How to Rob a Bank Game By Kroeger Inc.

One player is the bank controlling the guards. Everyone else teams up as robbers to take what is in it when How to Rob a Bank is being played! Players take turns secretly mapping out what will happen during each round with their playing cards. When it is time to reveal your moves, players will be picking up money bags, triggering alarms, and trying to steal from or protect the bank. After three rounds, find out if the bank or the robbers are successful.

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When I played How to Rob a Bank with my gal pal, we found it was a really tricky one to play and understand. There are so many different things you had to be aware of when planning out your moves. We found it confusing to play. There is an extensive game book that goes along with this game, and it took us longer to figure out what each move was than to play the game. We were not sure who won our game, either. For us, this game was not a fun one to play.

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Who’s The Dude? Game By Kroeger Inc.

Verbal communication is an easy way to get your message across to people. Having this method taken away can make conveying your thoughts much more difficult. Who’s The Dude? is a game where gestures with your sidekick, The Dude. This dynamic duo have to silently act out different scenarios on playing cards to be guessed by the other players. The player that guesses the most points after four rounds of play is the winner!

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My eldest and I had one of her friends over to have a fun Girls’ Day at my home to see how much fun we would have with our honourary girl, The Dude. Having The Dude to help act out the suggestions on the playing cards was so much fun! We put our “friend” through his paces, manoeuvering him to help us share with everyone else what The Dude and the player was trying to act out. We love that there is not much to this game, but we had a lot of fun playing.

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Our family loved when we saw a player with The Dude trying to act something out and we could not guess what they were trying to say. We found this funnier than the situations on the playing cards (some of which were very funny). This game will definitely be in our game rotation this summer!

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Guessing hits and misses

Overall, we had a lot of fun playing most of the games we received from Kroeger Inc. Even though we were all guessed out trying how to Rob a Bank, guessing brought us so much amusement when we played Mouthguard Challenge and Who’s The Dude?! Trying to communicate with challenges was a blast! Sometimes, properly pronounced words (or none at all) were not needed to have a good time. Since there is not much to these games, they would be great to take anywhere to play for a Game Night, or to a cottage to totally disconnected this summer! We love playing these two games!

Turn Guessing into Fun with Kroeger Inc. Pin

Would you like to see other ways Kroeger Inc. can make get-togethers fun? We visited their website and followed their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to find other toys and games they had to offer!

Disclaimer: I received products from Kroeger Inc. in order to review their products. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. Who`s the Dude would be hilarious to play….a have a few friends in mind…..my granddaughter being one of them…. that would make this so much fun!!


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