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Get Ready to Explore Canada at Learn To Camp with Parks Canada!

It is officially camping season! There is nothing like spending time in the outdoors, taking all of the beauty nature has to offer. As a city kid, I had the opportunity to go camping with summer camps and fun getaways with my friends. I would like for my kids to have even more experience camping. Parks Canada feels that more Canadians should have the chance to get out and explore the great Canadian outdoors, too. They put together a Learn to Camp program that helps kids of all ages learn the ins and outs of camp life.

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Tents on Parliament Hill

The Learn to Camp program is designed to teach first-time campers some of the basic skills they would need to enjoy their initial camping experience. On May 12, 2017, I was invited by Parks Canada to be a part of their Learn to Camp program set up on one Canada’s most iconic sites: Parliament Hill.

In partnership with Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Parks Canada brings the Learn to Camp event to several urban centre across Canada. Since the program’s inception in 2011, almost 10 000 people have participated in one or more Learn to Camp programs nationwide. In its first year, only 11 events were held. Now, with the help of its partners.

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Tent with Welcome Mat

We were joined by Parks Canada’s Honourary Tour Guide for Families, Sophie Grégorie Trudeau, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Catherine McKenna.

This new “Dream Team” merged forces to share their love of the outdoors with children from a local school in Ottawa as they led a Learn to Camp event. Members of Parliament and university students rolled up their sleeves to be a part of this event on the Hill. Parka, the mascot of Park Canada, was also on hand to help kick off the festivities.

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Parka, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Catherine McKenna and a group of people in front of Parliament Hill

There were so many different skills taught during the Learn to Camp event. The first skill the group learned was how to put up a tent. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Catherine McKenna had a friendly race to see who would have their tent fully assembled first.

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau putting up a tent.
Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Catherine McKenna putting up a tent.

Children were also asked to move around to different areas so they could learn different camping skills from this program. All of the children has a blast learning so many new skill they could show their family and friends.

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
© Parks Canada; Parka and group of people in front of Parliament Hill
Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
People laying in sleeping bags in front of Parliament Hill.
Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
© Parks Canada; Woman and girl putting up a tent.

Whether it is your first time or your millionth time camping, there is nothing like being in one of Parks Canada’s gorgeous parks to experience nature like never before. Parks Canada wants Canadians to see all that its parks have to offer this summer. As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, Parks Canada is giving away FREE 2017 Discovery Passes! What does this mean for you, you ask? This pass gives free (yes, I really did say FREE) access to Canada’s national parks, historic sites, and marine conversation areas! The pass is good for up to seven people, so that is an extra bonus. Click here for more details on the places in Canada this Discovery Pass will unlock for you this year.

Since Parks Canada wants Canadians to become explorers in their own country, they wanted to make it easier to plan exciting adventures. This is why Parks Canada has developed the Parks Canada app! Visitors are able to discover hidden gems they may not have heard of before using the app. Users also have the ability to share their adventures over social media using the fun and interactive Parks Canada-themed photo filters. The map gets activated by their phone’s GPS when they arrive at one of Parks Canada’s beautiful destinations. Details, tips on how to get your family ready for their visit, interactive maps and information on events happening across Canada in 2017 are also available on this app. The Parks Canada app is available on Android (version 4.4 and up) and iOS (version iOS and up), and also provides support for iPhone 4s devices. Download it now and get planning today!

Get Ready to Explore Canada at #LearnToCamp with Parks Canada!Pin
Screen Shot of Parks Canada App ENG on Android

This was such an amazing event! I wish there was a program like this when I was younger so my family could get the skills we would need to enjoy a camping experience in Canada’s great outdoors. Are you itching to know how to register for a Learn to Camp event? Check out the Learn to Camp page for more details!

Want to find out more about Learn To Camp with Parks Canada! Visit them on their website, and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages!


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  1. There isn’t any fed ones close to us, only prov parks, but we did order our cards for when we go camping down south, as there are some federal ones there. Right now we’re enjoying the ones that are closer to home on the weekends

  2. Yes, I’m ready to explore nature for #canada150. 🙂 I’m going camping this summer with my daughter and family for the first time in about 45 yrs! I think this initiative is wonderful and no doubt will help many to get on track and be able to go camping.

  3. I think teaching about camping is important because when I was a kid I was lucky enough to go camping a lot. My mother was even able to buy a trailer so we could be even more comfortable while having a lot of fun.


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