All About Elf on a Shelf, Should You Do It For Your Children?


Photo credit: Mama Bear's Haven
Photo credit: Mama Bear’s Haven

All About Elf on a Shelf,

Should You Do It For Your Children?

If you’ve never heard of Elf on a Shelf, you are missing out on a fun, family friendly Christmas tradition for the holidays. What is Elf on a Shelf you ask? Elf on a Shelf was created with the idea in mind that the process will help to keep your kiddos behaving nicely and in return they will get a fun and happy Christmas with presents from Santa Claus. Today I am going to be discussing the pros and cons of the Elf on a Shelf system and you can make the decision of whether or not you want to do this for your kids! 
The fun and exciting things of Elf on a Shelf is that it allows your kiddos to be creative, and you get to break out your creative side as well! You get yourself a Elf on a Shelf kit and then the kids will get to choose whatever name they want for their Elf and that will be their little buddy for the Holiday season. Your creative juices come into play because after your kiddos go to bed you will want to set up some mess or naughty situation that your kid’s Elf gets into overnight for your little ones to find the next day. The whole idea is that your kid’s see the naughty things that their Elf is doing and this shows them what not to do, and you should also inform them the Elves are watching their every move and if they act naughty, they will report back to Santa Claus and they will get coal in their stockings for Christmas. 
Some parents find that the Elf on a Shelf concept is a bit controversial for them and they don’t think it is something that will work for their kids. Some parents believe that since the Elf participates in naughty acts this will teach the kids to copy them and lead to them being naughty instead of teaching them the opposite and keeping them on the nice list. It has also been said that Elf on the Shelf isn’t good for kids because it teaches them that the only reason they should behave is to get presents in return. 
It is honestly all about what you think is best for your kids and if you think that Elf on the Shelf is beneficial for your kids behavior or if it is hindering their behavior. I personally think it is a fun little tradition and it really can help the kids to be on their best behavior for Santa Claus, I think it’s all pretty innocent and it can be really great for your kids. 
So with that being said, will you be buying your kiddos an Elf on the Shelf this year?
If yes,

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  1. When my girls were little, there was no such thing as Elf on the Shelf. I used to say to them they had an invisible elf that stayed with them over the holidays and repeorted back to Santa. Dang I could have had money if I went further with it lol

  2. No elf on the shelf here. We enjoy pretending about Santa together (they know about the real Saint Nicholas who lived many years ago and that Santa is just for fun) but I don’t feel comfortable trying to get them to behave for presents.

  3. I have never heard of Elf on the Shelf till just recently, I just don’t like the idea of the elves being naughty, other then that it seems like a fun and harmless tradition

  4. I held off but felt I “had” to because “everyone” else had one!! lol He really isn’t that bad to have around just sometimes he forgets to fly home!! ekk!! lol

  5. At first I couldn’t understand my son and daughter-in-law not wanting an Elf but having heard more about them I understood it would have been adding stress to their busy lives. However the kids wanted one and were even willing to buy the Elf themselves, sooo their parents caved in a got one. I don’t think I would have wanted one when my kids were little, with 7 kids there was enough going on what with 4 Advent Sundays, baking all the cookies for December, buying gifts, Advent Calendars (I was usually up to around 02:30 getting those done) then on the 6th St Nicholas Day when kids got small presents. No, an Elf would never have survived.

  6. Nope. Never had it in our family as a tradition and never plan to implement it. And my boys are older now, so its not an issue. With the younger ones (my niece, nephews and godson), their parents will not do Elf on the Shelf either. But to those that do, have fun with it!


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