5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip

5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip

Road trips. They are the mark of a fabulous summer vacation. From beginning to end, hitting the open road on an adventure is always fun to experience. One thing you should have on hand your travels is your trusty camera. Whether it is a cell phone or a hand held one, a camera helps to capture all of the fun that can happen at any time of your trip. Want to make your amazing experiences come together in a memorable way? Here are five photo opportunities to shoot during your road trip that can help bring your journeys to life!

5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip
Family posing for a photo in a car.

The beginning of your journey

The beginning of any journey can be memorable. This part of your trip also sets the stage for the rest of your trip. This part of your journey can also make for some amusing photos. What kind of images would be fun to catch the spirit of this part of your road trip, you ask? Take a look at these ideas:

  • Packing your luggage
  • Piling your bags filled with everything except the kitchen sink by the door
  • Hopping in the car
  • Waving goodbye
5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip
Luggage stacked on each other beside a chair.

Snaps in transit

Pics while on the road are some of the best to capture the essence of a good road trip. What makes this kind of photo opportunity so good to take? Out of all of the types being shared, many of these ideas are candid ones. Some great examples are:

  • Sights outside of the window
  • The winding road ahead of you
  • Funny things happening in the car
  • Wildlife wanderings
  • Interesting stops along the way
  • Road signs
5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip
Winding road in a wooded area.

Whether inside or out of the car, these shots can be humorous. Even a photo of the driver parking can be a great moment to have. This is where a backup cameras come in handy

Capturing your home while on the road

Where you rest your head while on a road trip can help to make your trip memorable. This is the time where everyone gets to take a breath, relax and get energized for the events ahead. This can be at a hotel or at the home of loved ones. Photos of your downtime can help you remember these good times. Check out these fab photo opportunities you can snap to keep these memories fresh:

  • Shot of front of the hotel
  • Selfie or group shot in front of the hotel
  • Inside of your hotel room
  • A view from your balcony or window of your hotel room
  • Fun at the pool
  • Seeing family or loved ones

Food! Glorious food!

Some of the best stories happen on a road trip are centered on food. Good or bad, food has a way of bringing back memories of places you visited and the people you were with when it was enjoyed. Some amazing foodie shots to take while on your next road trip are:

  • Favourite food places
  • New foods experiences
  • Beautiful plating
  • Selfie or group photos while eating or waiting for food
  • Food tasting shots
  • Interesting patio, restaurant or eatery décor
5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip
People eating food at a table.

Final goodbyes

The end of a great road trip can be moving. It is the turning point of a fun getaway as it is time to return home. There are still stories that can be captured at the end of this trip. A good photo can also help sum up the good times you had while you were away. Check out these fabulous opportunities you can capture to put a close to your road trip:

  • Closing door to hotel room
  • Leaving hotel or family or loved one’s home
  • Rear view shots
  • Putting key in the door of your home
  • Sprawling out on the couch, chair, or bed at home
5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip
5 Memorable Photo Opportunities to Shoot on a Summer Road Trip

These are just some of the ways to capture memorable photo opportunities while on a summer road trip. A sampling of these different kinds of shots can make for an amazing story where no words are needed. No matter what kind of camera you use, the memories you snap are special and put together memories of fun moments had while on the road.

What are some of your favourite photos to take to capture fun memories while on a road trip?

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