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A Dash Of Sweetness To Your Life

So, how do we care for our whole selves when, as mothers, we lead busy, other-focused lives? We start, little by little, weaving true sweetness into our days. We choose to honour all the parts of ourselves with small tokens of acknowledgment. And the beautiful thing is, when we start filling up one part of ourselves, so often it naturally spills over and fills other parts of ourselves…they are all connected.

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2 boys and a woman walking on train tracks ~ Photo credit: Julie Cloutier

That being said, a client of mine recently confessed that she has an “insatiable” appetite for all things sweet. She felt that it was a bit of an addiction and asked me for any suggestions I might have. I told her that many times, craving the sweet taste has a very strong emotional connection. It’s not always simply a blood sugar imbalance or a dietary problem.

If you find yourself constantly craving a sweet taste, ask yourself this:

I know this might seem rather strange, but craving sweets is strongly associated with a lack of love, comfort and affection. Meaning, if you don’t have “sweetness” in your life, you will search for other ways to fill this void. So how do you get more sweetness in your life?

Do you have enough sweetness in your life?

  1. Take a warm bath with healing essential oils such as Neroli. This high-vibe essential oil is a must-have! A complex aroma that blends citrus and floral undertones, it powerfully uplifts and relieves heavy sadness. It can help us break up with our most beloved food items thanks to its ability to reduce anxiety as mediated by the brain’s serotonin receptors.
  2. Watch a warm and fuzzy movie.
  3. Put on some great music and dance.
  4. Reconnect with nature and take a walk in a forest.
  5. Open your children’s finger paints and dabble a little.
  6. Tend to a garden. I turn to gardening as a way of calming my mind, a kind of decompressing after a busy week. Thoughts inside my head somehow clear and settle as the weed bucket fills up. A session in the garden can leave you feeling renewed inside. 
  7. Brew your favourite cup of tea with honey and sit near a window, sipping and staring.  Chamomile and Lemon Balm are some of my favorites!
  8. Call your sister, best friend, your mom or whoever you adore and tell them how much they mean to you!
  9. Give your child, your partner, your parent or your friend a big, long bear hug.
  10. Slow down and take a few deep breaths.
  11. Stop the self-criticism. There are enough people in the world that are more than happy to be critical — from your boss to your siblings. So don’t add to the insult by being critical of you. Love yourself just the way you are. You are your own best cheerleader!! And believe it or not, the universe actually isn’t against you.
  12. Smile at others! Especially those who might trouble you. This is a very POWERFUL. Thinking negative thoughts only increases stress hormones associated with ill-health for you. You will be absolutely amazed what happens when you send a loving smile off in the direction of someone who needs it.
A Dash of Sweetness To Your LifePin
2 boys and a woman walking on train tracks ~ Photo credit: Julie Cloutier

List all the things that make you happy, fulfilled, loved, joyful, and recharged. Things you find beautiful and meaningful. Keep the list growing. Keep it posted so you see it everyday to remind yourself of these things. Overtime, you will be less and less tempted to reach for that sweet piece of cake or that sugary cookie 🙂

Lots of Love, 


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Julie Cloutier, Owner & Certified Naturotherapist, Family Herbalist, Early Childhood Educator and Master Numerologist offers one-on-one consultations and also speaks for events, conferences, and corporate or non-profit programs on the areas of family health, nutrition, and wellness.

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