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20 DIY Magical Disney Costumes for Kids and Adults

Halloween has changed so much from when we were kids. We used to buy so little, and make so much when it came to our costumes each year. My mom was so creative and would always help us create whatever hairbrained idea we came up with. She always did it with a flair of perfection and we left the house confident in the character we had created and were embodying. You will find below 20 DIY Magical Disney Costumes for kids and adults!

DIY Magical Disney Costumes for Kids and AdultsPin
Disney Costumes for Kids and Adults

Halloween is a time for kids, and adults alike, to dress up in Disney magical costumes and for a single night, pretend they’re someone else. For kids especially, this night is about so much more than just a costume, it’s about getting to be a character they’ve imagined themselves as a thousand times.

You don’t need to spend $50+ on a Halloween costume to make your little one into the character of their dreams when there are so many awesome tutorials on how to do it yourself! We love Disney in our house and it never fails that one of us,  if not all of us, dresses up like a Disney character for Halloween. Some of the ways people have come up with to create your own costumes are amazing!  

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite DIY Magical Disney Halloween costumes for kids and adults to make your Halloween magical! You won’t believe how simple some of these are to make, and how great they turn out. I can’t wait to see what my kids choose to dress up as this year so I can help them be that for one night. Have your kids decided on what they want to be yet? Maybe these ideas will give you and your kids some inspiration! 

DIY Magical Disney Costumes for Kids and Adults

DIY Magical Disney Costumes for Kids and AdultsPin
DIY Disney Costumes
  1. DIY Dory Costume
  2. DIY Beaker Costume
  3. DIY Elsa Costume
  4. DIY Disney Queen of Hearts costume
  5. DIY Belle
  6. DIY Maleficent Costume
  7. DIY Monsters University Costume
  8. DIY Pinocchio Costume
  9. White Rabbit Costume
  10. DIY Rapunzel Costume
  11. Toy Story Costume
  12. Snow White Costume
  13. Cinderella  Costume
  14. Alice in Wonderland Costume
  15. Peter Pan Wendy Costume
  16. DIY Tinkerbell
  17. Briar Rose Costume
  18. Eilonwy From the Black Caldron Costume
  19. Ariel Costume
  20. Bo Peep Costume

Happy Halloween!

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