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ENJO Eye Pads Review

Since moving to our new home, my partner and I have been trying to keep up with all of the cleaning. With two little ones who are constantly on-the-go, a tween who has her own busy schedule, my partner and I have a lot to clean up, including our kids! We try to look around and purchase soaps and cleansers that will not harm them while removing whatever they have gotten themselves into, but buying all of these products can become costly. I was excited when I learned I would be reviewing the ENJO Eye Pads.

For those of you not familiar with ENJO, the company was created in 1990 by Johannes Engl in Vorarlberg, Austria. Originally a chef, Engl was looking for a way to safely clean around his kitchen while cooking, so the chemicals would not transfer to his food while preparing it. He stumbled upon his father’s invention that had been up in his father’s attic 25 years prior.  This invention was a fibre that could separate oil from water.

This fibre also had the ability to reach pore-deep into the surfaces to removw the dirt mechanically, instead of using chemicals. Engl knew he had something special, and decided to start a company which now ENJO.  ENJO has since created a whole home cleaning system using this fibre technology. ENJO is also internationally recongized, and has won many awards because of its effectiveness and its non-chemical apporch to cleaning.

The ENJO Eye Pads are also made out of a specially designed fibre that is designed to specifically cleanse and stimulate the skin.  It is 80% Polyester and 20% Polyacryl.

Depending on how much water is used to apply to the Eye Pad, the fibre will exfoliate and massage the skin. The Pad will also gently remove surface body oils and dead skin cells, promote blood circulation, and increase the blood supply to the skin.  ENJO Eye Pads are also great at removing make-up and mascara, and is gentle enough to use on delicate and sensitive areas of skin.

Amy Rutter, the ENJO representative who came to our home to introduced my family to ENJO, was fabulous! She explained ENJO’s history and belief in a chemically-free home.  She also demonstrated how well the Eye Pads worked to remove hard to remove marks off of skin.  If you wanted to have Amy demonstrate the benefits of ENJO to you, she is available for in-house demonstrations at your request.  She holding a demonstration session on February 6, 2014.  It is free to attend, but register quickly, as spaces are limited. You can contact Amy at (613) 864-5221 for more details.

I had to try the ENJO Eye Pads for myself to really get a sense of how well they worked to remove marks, dead skin and make-up from skin.

For the ink test, my eldest child marked her hand with two different colours of ink.  She did a great job of making sure it was not going to be an easy job for me to remove her art work from the back of her hand.

It did take me a while to remove all of the ink from her skin, but look! It is all gone!

When rubbing the ENJO Eye Pad over her hand, I was continually asking her about the amount of pressure I was using, if I was rubbing too hard, and what it felt like.  She told me, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very light, and 10 being please stop, it is hurting too much), that I was at a 3.  She also said that it felt great the whole time.

I also had to try and see how well the ENJO Eye Pads worked on make-up removal.  When I do get the chance to gussy myself up, taking off make-up is a process of using more than one product to make sure everything has come off. The worst part of taking off make-up is removing eye make-up.  I usually use a cream eye make-up remover and a cotton ball to get rid of  mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. If I’m not careful, I would get a bit of the remover in my eye, causing it to sting and make my vision blurry until I flushed them out.

For this test, I put in some eye shadow and some mascara.

I then slightly wet the ENJO Eye Pad and began to gently wipe off the make-up off of my eye. It took only a few minutes to have all of the make-up completely removed.  I was really impressed with how easy this one-step process was. I also liked how great my face felt after using the Eye Pads on my face to wash it even when I was not wearing make-up. It felt softer and smoother than it did before I had started using these pads.

The Eye Pads are really simple to clean, too.  All I had to do was use a bit of my child’s baby shampoo and some water to remove all of the grit and grime on both pads. I made sure that I rolled each pad to release any access water, and to spike up the fibre, so they did not lie flat in order to ensure they would well over and over again.

I really enjoyed using the ENJO Eye Pads! They made easy work on the muck on my daughter’s skin, as well as the eye make-up I put used. It also made my skin feel more alive after using it to clean my face. So if you are looking for a product to clean your face or your children’s skin without the use of soap or chemicals, then try using ENJO’s Eye Pads!

Disclourse: I received the above mentioned product to sample only. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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  1. never ever heard of this product before, but it absolutely sounds amazing, would love this, I too burn my eyes when using eye makeup remover and it’s not nice!!


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