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Bulgaria Travel Guide with Kids

There are many countries in Europe you may visit and Bulgaria is one such country that remains unmapped and undocumented as compared to the other countries in the continent. It aroused curiosity among many people as this country is off the radar, and it also has some advantages being off the radar! This is a destination you can quickly jet off with your family! There are some requirements to travel to Bulgaria. It is essential to take some precautionary measures before you travel here. Exploring this country with kids is a fantastic experience, and from the ancient ruins to the small villages, from the mountain ranges to the beaches, there are so many things for your family to see.

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You can follow the below travel guide Bulgaria Itinerary at a glance!

If you even have a week to spend in this beautiful country, you can spend two days in Veliko Tarnovo, two days in Plovdiv and three days in Sofia. Veliko to Sofia is an end-to-end route you can follow, and if you rent a car, it is only a three-hour drive.

How can you get around?

The best part about Bulgaria is that the transport is affordable and reliable. Car rental is also an option. Many people opt for public transportation as it is much cheaper.

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the oldest towns in this country and is referred to as the City of Tsars. The major tourist attraction of this town is the Ottoman-style houses. These houses are stacked on top of one another. It is fun to explore the old downtown alleys, and since you are travelling with kids, you can also take pit stops for rest. There is a sound and light show at the medieval Tsarevets Fortress. Kids have the most fun while watching the sound and the light show.


Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in this country. It was the former capital of Bulgaria which is decked up on the seven hills, considered the cultural capital of Bulgaria. The major tourist attraction in in Plovdiv is the Roman Amphitheatre. You can also walk along the streets and hog on the most famous delicacies in Bulgaria. Most people opt to take a train to Sofia, which takes about three hours. Trains are inexpensive, and many people opt to go here via train. Sofia is a city which is filled with museums and churches.

It is one of the most prominent cities in Bulgaria, and accommodation is not hard to find. Hence, you do not have to worry about searching the city for the perfect hotel. Travelling to this city with your kids is straightforward as everything is located within a close radius.

Following are some other places you can pay a visit to while in Bulgaria.

1. Burgas

This is a town that is flanked by the sea, and there is the largest industrial centre in the heart of the city. Since you are travelling with your kids, you ought to plan everything in advance and then make the hotel bookings.

2. Sozopol

Seaside town Sozopolis one of the oldest. The Greeks established it, and it became a centre for the arts. People visit this town for the seaside resorts which dominate the coastline. This town hosts many cultural events and is a centre for the arts. You will get to choose from a plethora of dining options in this town.

3. Bansko

Bansko town is located only 160 km from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. Bankso is a significant tourist attraction, and it is famous for skiing. There are many skiing competitions held in this town, and the resorts have world-class spas to indulge in when the visitors want to relax from a long day of skiing. Famous Bulgarian performers perform in the Bansko Jazz Festival, which is hugely appealing.

4. Varna

The third largest city in the country is Varna. If one wants to immerse themselves in the ancient history of Bulgaria, you should pay a visit to Varna! This city has a famous Archeological Museum which features the oldest gold in the world. The Roman Baths are a massive attraction in Bulgaria. Some other landmarks in this city are the Baroque Opera House and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin. The city is surrounded by beaches.

5. Nesebar

It has a high importance as it bears evidence of a variety of different civilizations. St Stefan Church and the Church of Christ Pantocrator are the examples of medieval architecture. Many visitors from all over the world visit the Black Sea Coast. However, you should check the right season and the requirements to travel to Bulgaria as it could get crowded in the high season. You can avail the services of travel tourism office which plan your itinerary at reasonable price.

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6. Rila Mountains

The Rila Monastery which was founded in the 10th century is being visited by many tourists and hundreds of pilgrims every year!

All in all, Bulgaria is one of the most secure and safe place to travel with your kids, and it offers a plethora of exotic destinations that are awaiting your arrival.

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