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Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUGS

My kids love to think of themselves as builders. They love to assemble amazing items out of building bricks and objects from around our home. STEM is a part of a lot of the toys my kids own. HEXBUG wants children to explore and enjoy the world of STEM through play with their robotic toys. Our family was asked if we would like to assemble some fun with some of their STEM-based toys. We were excited to take on this playful challenge!

Below are the three items we received from HEXBUGS to put together our STEM fun:

  • HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro
  • VEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Gun
  • VEX Robotics Off-Road Truck
Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG STEM toys boxed.

Battling into action

Even though my three kids are as different as anyone can possibly imagine, one of the things they all enjoy doing is playing with robots. They love being able to control them. If more than two of them are present, they want to put them up against each other to do battle. This is why I know my kids would be excited by the HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro set. This set is for players ages 8+.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro assembled.
Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG BattleBots facing off in the arena.

Players are able to customize two Build Your Own BattleBots with different weapons and battle armour. Once the fold-out board arena is assembled, players are able to use the remote control and the mallets on each side to bash and crash each other until one is the winner.

Once my eldest helped my younger two children put this set together, my little ones could not wait to do battle! The remote controls took a bit of practice to figure out. They mastered these deceives within a few minutes and got straight to the Battle Arena to fight. They loved seeing technology at work in their hands.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
Kids playing with HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro.

My littles loved being able to smash and slam their BattleBots into each other. Spinning their bots in endless circles is their move to perform. They would do this during battle and as a synchronised duo. They could play with this set, meeting head-to-head, for a day of tech fun.

Assembling fun

When our children get bored, we encourage them to be creative. They end up creating buildings and robots that are fun to play with. The VEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Gun allows STEM to come to live for kids by putting together this toy. This toy is for users ages 14+.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG VEX Gatling Fire Gun assembled.

This gun has a motorized barrel and over 275 pieces that is great for eager builders to create. Once fully assembled, it can fire eight rubber-tipped darts at your targets up to six meters away. 

After the last piece was put into place for this toy, my littles could not wait to try it out! Being the biggest kid, I tested it out first. I’m glad I did. The trigger is REALLY sensitive. Just a light tough will send a few darts flying. When My kids got behind the trigger, they had a ball shooting this gun. They flew from our living room to the other end of our dining room in seconds. They love playing with it.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
Girl holdingVEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Gun.

Learning STEM from the ground up

Since we had loads of fun battling it out in our HEXBUG Battle Bots arena, we could not wait to try out the VEX Off-Road Truck. This toy is for users ages 8+.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG VEX Off-Road Truck assembled.

The VEX Pilot App on the iOS or Android platforms stirs the VEX Off-Road Truck. Drivers are able to take on various kinds of terrain with its durable wheels and suspension system. Once your truck is built, you are ready to go.

VEX Pilot App and front of VEX Off-Road Truck wheel.

Out of all of the sets, the VEX Off-Road Truck, I felt, gave users the best understanding of STEM. We could the working parts of a car and how they are assembled. Our favourites part to build had to be axel and the shocks. Creating these objects out of small parts was so empowering. Though it took a long time to put this car together, the knowledge we learned from it made up for it.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG VEX Off-Road Truck assembled.

We encountered a few issues when it was time to pair it to our smartphones. After downloading the VEX Robotics App, we were rejected from pairing it on our Android devices. We were finally able to get moving using an iOS phone. Our truck truck was to move backward and forward, but not to turn the wheel. We are not sure if it was due to the cogs within the axel or if it is a glitch between the truck and the app, but we were not able to really see what this buggy can do.

Learning though assembling STEM fun

Overall, we really enjoyed learning while assembling STEM fun with toys from HEXBUG. My kids got to do battle and received a crash course in STEM with the HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro. We had a lot of mechanical fun when building and playing with the VEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Gun. Building a car from the ground up geared us up for fun with the VEX Off-Road Truck. Getting a toy is fun, but we loved being able to learn how it works from assembling it, piece by piece! Toys from HEXBUG were perfect for allowing us to do this in a fun way.

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG

Are you wondering what other fun HEXBUG has for kids to enjoy? We checked out their website, and we connected with the on their FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and YouTube channels to learn more!

Disclaimer: I received products from HEXBUG in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

A HEXBUG Giveaway!

Assembling STEM Fun for Kids with HEXBUG
HEXBUG VEX Off-Road Truck assembled.

Would you like for your family have fun by bringing technology and sport together this summer? HEXBUG would like to help by giving away a VEX Off-Road Truck!

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