Technology Plus Sport Equals Fun with HEXBUG Toys – Review

The world came together a few weeks ago to watch their country compete to win in the biggest soccer tournament in Russia. It was great to watch each of the teams battle it out until one team was crowned champion. My family wished we could bring the fun of this tournament into our home. HEXBUG wants to make this wish a reality with their Robotic Soccer set! They asked my family if we would like to see if my family would have fun bringing technology and sport together with this set. We were curious to see how HEXBUG could pull this off!

Fun Toys with HEXBUG

Technology Plus Sport Equals Fun with HEXBUG
HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set on a table.

Each HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set comes with the following pieces:

  • 2 Robotic players with remote controls
  • 3 Soccer balls
  • 4 Hood covers
  • 1 Soccer field
  • Decals to customize robotic players.
Technology Plus Sport Equals Fun with HEXBUG
HEXBUG Robotic Soccer players with remotes at centre field on the field.

Some assembly required

The soccer field was easy to put together. It took a few minutes to put the boards and the goals up to get our wold tournament started.

Hands putting together Robotic Soccer field.
Hands putting together HEXBUG Robotic Soccer field.

It was a great idea to be able to change the decal flags on the players. This way, users can choose to be different countries any time they wanted to play. I also loved that it took seconds to remove the decal and the covers to customize each player. My kids changed their players a lot, and they were happy to be able to have a lot of choices.

Hands placing decal flag on Robotic Soccer player.
Hands placing decal flag on HEXBUG Robotic Soccer player.

Practice, practice, practice

One of the hardest parts about this set for my kids was learning how to use the remote controls for the players. There was a bit of a learning curve for them to learn how to manoeuvre these robots. There were times that the channels for each of the players became crossed. This caused for one remote to be in control of both players simultaneously. With a bit of practice, the players were zooming around the field, warmed up and ready to play a game.

Hands holding Robotic Soccer player remote control.
Hands holding HEXBUG Robotic Soccer player remote control.

Game time!

Both of my kids are competitive, so each of them had their game faces on. The boards kept the ball on the pitch well, protecting it from soaring into our backyard.

Collage of photos of kids playing with HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set.
Collage of photos of kids playing with HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set.

They enjoy stealing the ball from one another and scoring goals. One of their favourite moves is to “kick” the ball into the net. The motion is quick and fun to watch. Creating victory moves and spins gave each of the drive to want to play more.

Robotic Soccer player with a soccer ball at centre field.
HEXBUG Robotic Soccer player with a soccer ball at centre field.


My family really love how technology and sport came together with our HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set! Being able to customize your player with different countries makes each game a new one. Once the remote was figured out, playing a game was fun and competitive. Kicking the ball and speedy spins are some of our favourite moves to make and always make us giggle. This set is one my family will be enjoying anytime we want!  

Technology Plus Sport Equals Fun with HEXBUG Toys - Review
Technology Plus Sport Equals Fun with HEXBUG

Are you wondering what other fun HEXBUG has for kids to enjoy? We checked out their website, and we connected with the on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channels!

Disclaimer: I received products from HEXBUG in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. My kids would love to play with this because they really love soccer. My boys would like to make an England team.


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