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Amazing Outdoor Oasis Wish List Items

Snow. Ice. Slush. Rain. All of these things are already making me long for the days when I can enjoy my outdoor oasis without having to worry about slipping or getting wet. Though our backyard is a great place to play with our kids, we can only spend short periods of time outside.


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All of this crazy winter weather has me planning what I would like to have on my patio this year to take in the sun and the spring that is on its way soon. Here are just a few of the ideas I have to make the outdoors around my more fun and livable for my family with the help of Jardin de Ville outdoor furniture.

For my back porch, we already have seating built onto it, but I would love to be able to make it so we could sit out there and enjoy it more. I would like to be able to eat snacks on it if I wanted to sit out there while the kids are playing in our backyard. Since it is a small space, I would love to have this Low Tray Side Table in black so it can fit perfectly in this space and can be easily folded up when we are finished using it.

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Our garden takes up about a quarter of our backyard and this year, I want to add more plants to it so it becomes more of a focal point. Once this has been done, our patio area just off of the garden needs to be more of a hangout spot for our family to relax and entertain more during the year. One piece that would make this space a comfy space to be is this Ventura 3 Seater Sofa that would blend in well with the outdoors of our backyard and feel as though we are in our living room indoors.

Ventura-Fauteuil-3Places-Teck-Gloster-Teak-3Seater-Sofa-Cushions PostPin

The outdoors around our home is a fun spot to enjoy a fun day with the family, but when the kids (finally) go down for the night, we do like to have the rare “just the two of us” moments. Winding down outside is something that we would love to do. Adding a bit of light with the help of a few of these Lighthouse Lanterns to either our backyard or on our front porch would help to make last moments of the day more relaxing and enjoyable. We would also be able to use them to add a touch of seasonal flair throughout the year by decorating them accordingly.

Lighthouse-Lanterne-CaneLine-Charcoal-Exterior-Lantern-accessory- PostPin

These are just a few of the gorgeous pieces I would love to have to make my outdoor oasis an even more fun and comfortable space to live and enjoy. I can’t wait for the winter thaw to be over so I can start putting these décor ideas to work around my home.

Which item would you use in your outdoor oasis?


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  1. We could definitely use some comfortable, yet utilitarian outdoor seating. A nice bonfire or central heating area would be great too. Lovely ideas.


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