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13 Wonderful Watermelon Desserts

These are 13 watermelon desserts that are perfect for summer. Whether you want something cold and refreshing or baked goods, you will love these desserts. If you’re having a summer cookout, these are the perfect treats. Everyone will love trying something different.

One that you’ll definitely want to try if you’re trying to eat healthier is the watermelon pizza. It’s loaded with fruit and can be easily customized. Try topping it with your favourite summer fruits to get the exact flavour you like.

13 Wonderful Watermelon DessertsPin
13 Wonderful Watermelon Desserts

Watermelon for Desserts

There’s something wonderful about having a juicy piece of watermelon on a hot summer’s day. It’s a great way to help you stay hydrated and oh so refreshing. Of course, watermelon can also be used to make some yummy treats. You can also be inspired by watermelon to make watermelon desserts or shaped treats. For example, you might make some watermelon-flavoured candy or cookies that look like watermelon slices. You’re only limited by your creativity!

Watermelon is a great fruit to work with, but is often served as is. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, if you want to try something different, you’ll love these desserts. And, if you don’t care for watermelon, you will still love the desserts that are made to look like watermelon.

13 Wonderful Watermelon DessertsPin
13 Wonderful Watermelon Desserts

Remember, fun desserts don’t have to be loaded with fat. Some of the recipes below are great for those that are looking to eat healthier this summer. For example, a watermelon sorbet is an almost fat-free treat everyone will enjoy.

13 Wonderful Watermelon DessertsPin
13 Wonderful Watermelon Desserts

13 Wonderful Watermelon Desserts

If you’re looking for fun desserts to make with the kids this summer, you’ll want to check out the list below!

  1. Watermelon Jerky 
  2. Cream of Coconut and Watermelon Chilled Soup
  3. Melon Berry Pops
  4. Watermelon Yogurt Bark 
  5. Watermelon Cake Balls
  6. 2 Ingredient Watermelon Soft Serve 
  7. Watermelon Cake Donuts  
  8. Watermelon Sorbet
  9. Zero Points Strawberry Watermelon Pops  
  10. Sweet and Tangy Watermelon Cupcakes 
  11. Grilled Pineapple and Watermelon Kabobs 
  12. Mason Jar Watermelon Cakes 
  13. Watermelon Fruit Pizza

If you’re not sure how to use up all the watermelon in your house this summer, try some of these recipes. There are some really good ones to choose from and many are super fun to make.

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  1. I’m not a great fan of watermelon, I’m more of a honeydew melon type. My grandchildren however would love a lot of these recipes. 🙂

  2. oh my gosh i love these!! now i wanna throw a watermelon party. my favorites are the watermelon in a jar and the watermelon donuts

  3. Who doesn’t love watermelon. I actually just saw the cutest thing with watermelon on youTube. Have to try some of these deserts!

  4. Lots of things to make with watermelon.. I think you can grill watermelon steak too.
    Not sure if the fruit freezes well, but yeah.


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