12 Easy Icebox Cake Recipes

Don’t you love those desserts that are easy to make, but taste so good? These are the type of desserts that everyone wants the recipe for. Usually, these cakes are made with pudding, whipped cream, and cookies, but there are so many ways to change up the flavours. This means that you can take one recipe and make several different desserts. Whether you’re looking for a quick dessert for a function, or something easy for the family, you’re going to love these 12 Easy Icebox Cake Recipes!

12 Easy Icebox Cake Recipes

For these desserts, it pays to keep cookies and pudding mixes in your pantry and whipped topping in the freezer. This allows you to throw together a quick and easy icebox cake in a matter of minutes. In other words, these are perfect when you find out that company is coming over. They’ll think that you’re always a culinary goddess with desserts that are always in the kitchen. Little do they know is that you literally threw that dessert together in less than 10 minutes!

Icebox Cakes for Desserts

Icebox cakes are great for anytime you need a quick and easy dessert. These cakes don’t require any baking skills, which make them perfect for warm weather. You can make a dessert that doesn’t heat up the whole house and will be cool and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Of course, you don’t have to wait for hot weather. These desserts are good anytime of the year.

If you want to make something for your family, but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, try one of these recipes. There’s literally something for everyone. And, remember, these recipes are easy to change so that you can get the exact flavour your family loves. All you need to do is switch one flavour for another. This really makes it easy to make a dessert your family is going to love. You may also want to try our Easy No Churn Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream recipe.

12 Easy Icebox Cake Recipes

12 Easy Icebox Cake Recipes

1. Heaven on Earth Cake – Onion Rings and Things

2. Daddy’s Coconut Cake – Southern Plate

3. No-Bake Dessert Gingerbread Icebox Cake – abc’s and garden peas

4. Pumpkin Icebox Cake Recipe – DIY Candy

5. Summer Fruit Icebox Cake – Unicorns in the Kitchen

6. Strawberry Icebox Cake – Merry about Town

7. No-Bake Gluten-Free Oreo Icebox Cake

8. Icebox Matzo Cake Recipe – Living Sweet Moments

9. S’mores Icebox Cake – Mom Endeavors

10. Patriotic Ice Cream Cake Recipe – Baking Beauty

11. Easy Banana Pudding Icebox Cake -Dear Creatives

12. No-Bake Icebox Berry Cheesecake Recipe – Must Have Mom

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  1. I have not heard of icebox cakes before. Going through these I would like to try the S’mores Ice Box Cake or the Easy banana pudding.

  2. Nice selection of icebox cake recipes. I would like to try the S’mores icebox cake and the no bake gingerbread icebox cake.


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