Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada Books! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/22

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Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada!

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the first bell of the new school year about to ring in the next few weeks. Are your kids not enthusiastic to head back to class this year? DK Canada wants to change this feeling with their collection of books to help kids to want to learn and get back into the swing of things this September. They asked if my family would want to welcome in the new school year by reviewing some titles from their huge catalogue.

Since my kids are always curious about themselves and the world around them, I chose to review these three titles:


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

Photo Credit: dk.com/ca; A collage of book covers The Elements Book, Super Earth Encyclopedia, and Human Body!


The Elements Book

Remember those glorious days in science class learning about the different elements found on our planet? Do you ever want to learn more about them? The Elements Book allows readers to discover the 118 chemical elements found in the periodic table through incredible images and fantastic facts.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

Photo Credit: dk.com/ca; The Elements Book book cover.


My kids and I learned so much about each of the elements. Many of them I had rediscovered and became fascinated with. One of the sections I really enjoyed was the one designated to oxygen. Its importance to life on Earth is undeniable, but it amazing to learn about the numerous ways we use it.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

“Black smokers” section of Super Earth Encyclopedia book on a table.


Super Earth Encyclopedia

It is hard to explore everything on Earth in order to see how miraculous it is. Super Earth Encyclopedia helps readers to experience various geographical features, structures and patterns that are a part of our planet without having to leave home.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

Photo Credit: dk.com/ca; Super Earth Encyclopedia book cover.


We were not aware of the black smokers that reside on mid-ocean ridges. To know that these chimneys of dissolved minerals from ocean-floor rocks help to regulate the temperature of the Earth’s core was awesome to learn about. We also find out that the hottest water on the planet is located near the bottom of the ocean.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

“Black smokers” section of Super Earth Encyclopedia book on a table.


Human Body!

Why do we blink? What is our hair made of? Why do our knees bend the way they do? These are just a few of the questions we get get peppered with by our kids about their bodies. That is why I thought it would be perfect for them to have Human Body! at home. The 3-D imagery used in this title helps readers to learn more about our bodies from the inside-out and from head to toe.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

Photo Credit: dk.com/ca; Human Body! book cover.


My eldest was curious about the inner workings of her mouth. She loved the “Teeth and chewing” section of this book because she was able to see the amount of teeth a child has compared to an adult, why teeth are so important, what they are made of and the about of chewing power we have when eating.


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/25

“Teeth and Chewing” section of Human Body! book on a table.


What sets these three books apart from others books is the imagery. Whether it is an actual photo or an image, learning pops off the page. Readers can take in the information they are learning and enjoy what they have picked up.

We really enjoyed reading these three books from DK Canada to welcome the new school year. The information they learned from each title will help them get a base knowledge of what they will be learning in their studies. The details shared on each of the pages also makes learning easier and fun, so it will be retained for future reference. These books are enthralling that they will be read over and over by our family for years to come!

Want to find more titles to help your kids welcome the new school year?  Visit DK Canada website, and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages to find out!


Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.


A Back-to-School Giveaway with DK Canada!


Welcome the New School Year with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN 09/22

DK Canada Back To School 2017 Pinterest Image


Are your kids not excited about going back to school? DK Canada wants to help your kids happily welcome the new school year by giving away all three book shared in this review! Below are the titles included in this giveaway:

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This giveaway is open to Canadian residents and ends at 11:59 EDT on September 22, 2017.

Good luck!

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  1. Karine says:

    The human body wouybe a killer here!

  2. Victoria K says:

    All of the books but I love The Human Body

  3. LisaM says:

    My son would love the human body one – he’s trying to figure out how we work!

  4. K Snowsell says:

    the super earth encyclopedia

  5. Carole D says:

    Super Earth Encyclopedia would be very helpful!

  6. Kelly Cavalier says:

    Oh wow these books looks so amazing for my homeschooled kiddo. He is a real visual learner and the Elements book would be perfect for our Science lessons this upcoming school year.

  7. Kim K says:

    The Elements visual encyclopedia of the periodic table

  8. Dianne G. says:

    These books would be great for school project research and books like this encourage learning. My oldest grandson would really enjoy the book about the earth. After watching the eclipse this week he is very curious about the earth and solar system.

  9. DebP says:

    Super Earth Encyclopedia would be our first choice.

  10. jay nelson says:

    Last year my younger two were very interested in rocks and the periodic table – but I cannot help but suspect the interesting acts in the Human Body book would generate their interest this year. I love DK.

  11. jan says:

    The Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas would be loved here.

  12. sarah says:

    I think my daughter would enjoy learning about the human body so Human Body! Would be my pick. Thanks!

  13. Jennifer P. says:

    ALL of these books would help my older daughter welcome the new school year! They each have topics she will be studying at school this year, and I know she will be interested in all these subjects. Would love to win these books for her! And I personally would love to read the Elements book – I loved earth science when I was in school.

  14. Travelbuds says:

    I think the book on Elements would be so useful through both my kids’ school years.

  15. Darwin says:

    I think my son would love the Human body book.

  16. SweetPanda says:

    I think the Human Body book would get my kids interested in learning more and to welcome the new school year

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I think that the Human Body would be the most interesting for my grandchildren.

  18. Michelle T says:

    The Super Earth book looks good – they will enjoy browsing the book.

  19. Lisa McLellan says:

    Hard to choose one book out of the 3, but I’m going to say The Elements book will be great reference and inspiration.

  20. Karen J says:

    Human Body

  21. michelle tremblett says:

    My niece would absolutely love the elements book 🙂 She loves science and would think this book is amazing.

  22. Anne Derkat says:

    My grandkids would love the Super Earth Encyclodedia

  23. Calvin F says:

    Human body one is cool

  24. Wanda B says:

    Human Body would be best for us!

  25. S Skinner says:

    My son would love The Elements book!

  26. Jonnie says:

    The Elements book would be very informative for the upcoming school year.

  27. Amy C says:

    The Super Earth Encyclopedia would be great for my kids.

  28. Sab Edwards says:

    Earth Encyclopedia is our pick!! thanks for the chance

  29. Wanda B says:

    I think “Human Body” would be a great book to have.

  30. lori butler says:

    i think the human body would be a good one.

  31. Caryn Coates says:

    The Human Body would be number one here

  32. Charity Banman says:

    My son would love The Elements book.

  33. Viv Sluys says:

    The Elements would really help my kids welcome back to school!

  34. Nicole B says:

    The super earth book would be great for my inquisitive one!

  35. Jane Romaniuk says:

    DK books are all excellent! Probably The Human Body would be our pick!

  36. wobbles13 says:

    the super earth books looks very interested!

  37. Holly myke says:

    The human body! I have some very curious kiddos this would be handy!

  38. Linda says:

    My son would get the most fun out of The Human Body.

  39. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My daughter would like The Elements book.

  40. Mary Jaglowitz says:

    My daughter would thoroughly enjoy the Human Body.

  41. Tiffany Rotulo says:

    The Human Body is a really cool book. I think my kids Would find it interesting.

  42. Tracy D says:

    We would love the Elements book.

  43. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I think the Human Body book would be the most helpful.

  44. Tiff Cho says:

    Human body book

  45. crystal porter says:

    The elements book! Although they are all very cool. I would love to read these as well!

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