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Household Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Summer is coming to an end which means some of us might have the idea to start doing some fall cleaning; including adding something new like household gadgets to make life easier.

Household Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Adding something new to your home brings a sense of satisfaction. Even if it’s something small, it can be uplifting and that small change you needed in your environment. The best is when you add a new item to your home that is aesthetically pleasing, but also useful household gadgets around the home.

Technology to make life easier

Keeping your devices charged to their full potential is definitely a top priority when you are working from home. Having your much needed device battery die and then have your charger take seemingly forever to charge it back to usable power is something of the past with this new Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Technology! It’s perfect for everyday home and office use!

Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Tech Review


Does your device need some extra boost? This Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Tech can help save the day! Using the latest GaN chip technology, Quntis 30W USB C Charger charges iPhones up to 60% and Androids 52% faster than the average charger. You’re phone should be good to go in only 30 minutes. This charger can also work to charge your MacBook bringing it from 0 to 100 in less than two hours. It’s 20% smaller than the average charger, operated in higher efficiency and produces less heat which helps protect your battery’s all over life.


With its 6.6ft, bendable cord light night cable, this charger will also reduce not being able to use your device while it charges, plenty of room to move around or charge it from six feet away. The cord is also very sturdy having gone through company testing to ensure you are getting a good quality charging cord that won’t break upon bending like you are probably used to with standard cords.


It comes with everything you need to get set up and charging including: 30W USB C Charger Block, and 6.6ft 2 in 1 Type C to Lightning /USB C Cord.


  • 3x ultra fast charging
  • Latest GaN technology (safer/faster)
  • Multiple devices (iPhone/Android/Mac please see website for full list of devices)
  • 6.6FT MFi Certified Fast Charge Lightening Cable.

Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Tech Discount Code

You can purchase a Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Tech on Amazon and save 8% with special discount code: NV32VIWA  at checkout. (Expiry date: 2023-03-31) 

Bathroom Gadgets


Cleaning the shower has to be one of the worst chores in our house. It’s so easy for shower tiles to get icky when you have a larger family and just one shower for everyone to use. You can imagine how quickly it builds up grime from soap scum to water droplets. The Luxear shower squeegee will definitely help make your life easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your bathroom.

Luxear Shower Squeegee Review

No more hard scrubbing thanks to this Luxear Shower Squeegee! The idea came from windshield wipers! Made from stainless steel with a rubber end, this squeegee will not rust and can last for a very long time, use after use.


It is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle for comfort. It does a great job not leaving grime or streaks on tile, marble, glass and other smooth shiny surfaces. It even comes with a hook to hang it in the shower after each use. This squeegee also comes with a replacement blade making it a good deal! Excellent for use in the bathroom (shower doors and mirrors), windows around your house, flat glass tabletops and marble counters, car windows, or for all-purpose cleanups, and so much more. This Luxear shower squeegee helps cleaning efficiency and saves you time on house cleaning.


  • Professional cleaning Squeegee
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable product and service

Luxear Shower Squeegee Discount Code

You can purchase the Luxear Shower Squeegee on Amazon and save 5% with discount code OPVGO33M at checkout. (Expiry date: 2023-05-31)

ilikable Shower Caddy Review

When it comes to your shower, you don’t only want it to be clean and hygienic, you also want things to be nice and organized. One of my personal pet peeves is leaving shampoo bottles on the side of the shower or on the corners of the tub. It gets nasty and it’s unhygienic to have soap scum building up under the bottle.


While we do have a shelf in our shower, this new ilikable Shower Caddy is going to help keep the shampoo, conditioner and soaps where they belong; keeping the sides of my tub cleaner. It’s lightweight but can hold up to 22 lbs, great for large bottles of shampoo! It attaches to tile or most smooth surfaces using the included bionic technology suction cups, making it stick solid to your bathroom tile with a simple push and click! Make life easier when you can find all your important bathroom items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, scrubs and even tooth brushes all in one place with the handy ilikable Shower Caddy.

It keeps your shower items organized and clean with a 6” angled bottom and space in front where water can leak out and not sit which creates a more hygiene shower environment. The fun part, if you don’t need a shower caddy, this one would also look great in the kitchen above the sink or as a spice rack!


  • Powerful suction cup
  • Large capacity caddy
  • Removes easily, no drilling, no holes.
  • Multifunctional shower caddy
  • Great for smooth and non porous surfaces.

ilikable Shower Caddy Discount Code

You can get this awesome ilikable Shower Caddy on Amazon Canada and Amazon US and save 5% with discount code ZCHECK2F at checkout. (Expiry date: 2023-03-31)

These are just some household gadgets to make life easier, neater, and give a little something new and different to your home! I hope you enjoy my suggestions!

Who? Rose. I’m Rose. A 40 year old mother from Canada who is recently discovering who she really is in more than one way. For the longest time, I lived as someone I was not. Brainwashed by people who were supposed to nourish and protect their child. I blamed myself. Now, I blame nobody. I choose to make changes for myself. For my body, for my spirit. Even if it took me this long. It’s better now than ever. Life isn’t an easy journey but it’s your journey. No matter who you are, where you come from or what you did in your past; it’s never too late to start over and really, truly find yourself. It took me years of trial and error trying to find myself. Call me a “late bloomer” but I’d rather be late than have never bloomed at all.

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  1. The iLikeable Shower Caddy would be an ideal storage solution for the shower. We don’t currently have a caddy in the shower and it’s difficult to install shelves in the tiled area. The Powerful suction cups would make installation a breeze.

  2. ILikeable Shower Caddy as my shower has no shelves to put anything stuff is always lined up on the edge of the tub and gets knocked over all the time

  3. The water in my house leaves spots on the shower door. I like to use a squeeze to remove the water before it dries. The squeeze would be great. The shower caddy would also be great. We have been trying to find one with a strong enough suction. These would help my bathroom gleam. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. The shower caddy would make my life easier, because my daughters have started using their own preferred shampoos and conditioners, and we don’t have room in our shower shelving to store all the different products, between theirs, mine and my husband’s, neatly. This would be great to put their products in!

  5. I really like the Quntis 30w Fast Charger with GaN Tech. I love how long it is the one I have is so short and it’s a pain when I’m using it.

  6. ILikeable Shower Caddy would be so convenient in our shower, with 2 teenagers there’s so many bottles to get out of the way.

  7. Luxear Shower Squeegee would make my life easier because we do have hard water and I think this would help to do this ever time we get out of the shower

  8. The Ilikable Shower Caddy would make my life easier because it will keep all bottles organized so they are unlikely to fall into the tub.


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