20 School Lunch Ideas

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Do you not feel good about the lunches being served at your child’s school? Many parents don’t. This is why parents turn to packing a lunch for their children. The only problem is that you often run out of ideas. Some kids are content with eating the same sandwich throughout the school year, but other kids want a variety of meals. If your child is protesting against eating one more of your lunches, it’s time to add some more school lunch ideas to your repertoire.

One of the easiest things you can do is start using a container that keeps food warm. This opens up lunch options a lot. You can serve everything from soup to chili to spaghetti to hotdogs. Last night’s leftovers can be heated up the next morning and placed in the container for a quick and easy lunch. Another great idea is to make your child’s favourites. For example, if your child loves the little packs that have crackers, meat, and cheese, make them at home. Not only can you make several varieties, but you can also save a lot of money.


School Lunch ideas

School Lunch ideas


The list below contains ideas for everything from pizza to themed lunches. You’ll be amazed at how excited younger children will be to eat the same foods when you make them fun. For example, creating a themed lunch (with jokes printable) and cutting a sandwich to look like a favourite character can make lunch enjoyable again. Will you have to spend a bit more time? Maybe but your kids will start eating their lunch again.

What do you like to pack in your child’s lunch? Does your child love sandwiches? Do they prefer salads? Do you find yourself running out of ideas before the school year is over? 


School Lunch Ideas


20 School Lunch Ideas

20 School Lunch Ideas


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Which one is your favourite recipe to try?

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