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Tips for Visiting Disney as a Multi-Generational Family

Disney World is a wonderful vacation destination for family members of ALL ages! If you’re searching a possibility that works well as a multi-generational option, this is it. Keep reading, for tips on how to get the most out of a trip of a lifetime everyone will enjoy. You will find below our tips on Visiting Disney as a Multi-Generational Family!

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Tips for Visiting Disney World with Grandparents

You’re never too old for Disney, and this includes Disney World park. Planning to visit Walt Disney World with a Multi-Generational Family, including grandparents, is a smart choice for many families. You may be able to get a discount when you book as a group, you’ll have more adults around to keep eyes on children and you can make memories together with the entire family.

Here are some tips for visiting Disney World with grandparents:

1. Plan for the Weather

You will spend a lot of time outdoors and young children and the elderly are more heavily impacted by the heat. There could also be summer thunder or rain storms in Florida, so you should have plans for if that happens as well.

2. Choose a Hotel Onsite

Whenever possible, you should try to stay on property when visiting Disney World with grandparents. There’s a lot of travel and walking involved as is, and if you are sleeping off-site, it will be even more difficult to get the grandparents here and there. If you stay on a Disney resort, you just get up and get going right in the park.

3. Make Dinner Reservations

Restaurants in the park fill up fast and young children and the elderly are too groups who don’t do as well with waiting to eat after a long day walking around the park. If you make dinner reservations, you can ensure a table will be waiting for you when you’re ready to sit down and eat.

4. Plan to Visit Attractions Suitable for all Ages

There are some rides and attractions that grandparents may not enjoy but the great thing about Disney is that there is something for everyone. Plan your attractions with the grandparents in mind. They may not want thrill rides as much, but there is plenty for them to do.

Tips for Visiting Disney as a Multi-Generational Family

With these tips, you can begin planning your visit to Walt Disney World a Multi-Generational Family. One of the most wonderful things about Disney parks is that they are designed with the whole family in mind. There are things to see and do for people of all ages – young and old. This is truly one place you CAN take the whole family to enjoy.

1. Let Someone Take Charge

It’s sometimes hard to plan an organized vacation when more than one person is trying to take charge. To remedy this, choose one person to make the final decision on things like hotel rooms and trip itinerary. Of course, this doesn’t mean the whole family can’t give their input during the planning process. In fact, in situations like this, the more input the better!

2. Plan Everything

Any trip ends up much more organized when you spend time planning beforehand. But, it’s totally crucial in regard to a Disney vacation. There’s SO much to explore in each of the parks, which makes it difficult to decide where to go first without being overwhelmed.

If you head into the park with an itinerary in hand, you use your time more efficiently. This, in turn, allows you to see as much as possible before it’s time to go. I created a Disney Park Planner printable that will allow you to enjoy the park and plan out the perfect vacation.

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Sign on the highway entering Walt Disney World

3. Get the Right Accommodations

Since you’re going to spend every night of your vacation in a hotel room (or rooms), make sure you book accommodations that are right for the whole group. If you’re traveling with kids, choose a Disney resort with kid-friendly activities such as a pool or play area. If there are elderly members in your party, it’s important to establish they have access to everything needed in order for a comfortable stay.

4. Visit Everyone’s Favourite Attractions

Before you set out on your trip, ask everyone to do a bit of research and write down one or two of their favourite Disney rides or attractions. Obviously, younger kids will probably need assistance with this. Next, compile a list to take with you. It’s the best way to ensure everybody gets to see what they want to see, even as part of a rather large group.

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Slinky Dog Dash at Toy Story Land ~ Photo credit: Disney

5. Take Turns Watching the Kids

Assigning one person to keep an eye on the younger set for the entire trip is a bad thing to do, especially for the designated individual. It’s a MUCH better idea to ask the adults in your group to take a turns with babysitting duties.  This way, everyone (including parents) get some downtime to just relax… if only for an hour or two.

Most Disney resorts offer child care services as well. Although you pay for the service, it’s another affordable way to treat yourself to “adult time” when visiting Mickey and his pals. You typically get the choice of in-room service or taking advantage of one of the child care centres. All babysitters are certified in first aid and child/infant CPR.

Visiting Disney as a Multi-Generational FamilyPin
Visiting Disney as a Multi-Generational Family

6. Be Prepared to Splurge

Traveling to Walt Disney World with kids can be expensive for many reasons. That being said, set aside a daily spending limit (if possible) to use for souvenirs, entertainment, etc. The last thing you want to do is spend the whole vacation saying no to fun requests and possibilities.

These are just a few things to think about when traveling to any Disney park location as a multi-generational family. For most, it’s a beyond magical adventure… not soon to be forgotten!

Have a magical trip!

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