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Ideas For Outdoor Play Toys For Your Backyard

From a backyard zip line to trampolines to inflatable water slides, try these outdoor toys if you are looking ways to entertain kids, family, and friends this summer. Outdoor play toys are necessary to keep your kids outside when the weather is nice. Here are some suggestions for some ideas for outdoor play toys for your backyard that will make it a little more exciting for them.

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1. Inflatable Water Slides

If you don’t have a pool, one of the best ways to cool off is an inflatable water slide. These slides are ideal for birthday parties or other events where you will have a lot of kids to entertain. The large water slides are being made from sturdy plastic to be more durable and withstand possible punctures. It is still fairly easy for the seams to give out if you overload it with kids. Even though the water is cold, the kids usually love to slide and land in it. It is an investment that will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, which may be worth it if it’s a long hot summer.

2. Outdoor Zip Lines

A zip line is a fun activity to have in your backyard for kids ages 4 to 14! Just be sure to supervise it with the younger ones. A zip line is a steel cable that runs from tree to tree across your yard. Your kids hold onto a trolley that whips down the line. How fun you make it depends on how much of an angle you put the cable on. Also, make sure that you keep the landing at least four feet away from the anchor tree to avoid accidents.

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3. Backyard Bocce, Tetherball, and Other Lawn Games

There are many great outdoor play toys for the backyard, including croquet, bocce ball, tetherball, badminton, and horseshoes. When buying these games, keep in mind cheaper sets will not last you more than one summer. For croquet, you need a set with heavy balls, mallets with long, hardwood handles, and strong wickets. Bocce balls also have to be heavy in size to really play effectively.

Tetherballs, horseshoes, and badminton require either poles or nets to be installed in the ground, so keep in mind that they are not games you can just pack away. The best part is all of these games allow two or more people to play, making them great activities for barbecues and parties.

4. Slip and Slides Outdoor Play Toys

A much less expensive but fun option to the water slide is a slip and slide, especially for younger kids. Again, the water is cold coming out of the hose, but on a hot day, that won’t matter much. They come in a variety of options with two or three lanes so kids can race side by side, spraying sides, soaking jets, and landing zone with inflatable splash pools.

5. Backyard Trampolines

In the last few years, trampolines have become an extremely popular backyard activity, but they can also be a dangerous one if kids don’t know how to use them properly. So, it is important to set out rules such as only one child on at a time, no somersaults, and no jumping without adult supervision. Trampolines come in various sizes with jumping areas that range from 7 to 14 feet.

In addition to the trampoline, you will also have to purchase a safety enclosure net and a frame cover to protect it from the weather. Again, this is something where, for safety reasons and if you want it to last, you may be better to go with the more expensive ones.

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6. Backyard Playhouse

A backyard playhouse is the ideal play structure that will give your child a new reason to want to go outside to play for a longer period of time in the summer. They come in a variety of options such as constructed out of wood or plastic that are usually fairly easy to assemble. Usually, fun play features include a play sink, stove, and cordless phone to expand your child’s playtime fun.

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From zip lines to trampolines, there are so many fun outdoor play toys, games, and activities to keep everyone in the family entertained outdoors. Any of these ideas for outdoor play toys are sure to make your backyard a popular spot this summer.

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  1. Some great idea here for my 2 grandkids who I have all summer, actually since March when they could not go back to school. Trying to keep them active

  2. We spent a lot more time in the back yard this summer, one thing that I have been wanting to get for the kids is a slip and slide.


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