Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach

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Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach

Summer is coming, and for many people that means going to the local beaches. When most people go to the beach they either forget or don’t know what to bring. Usually, they leave the sunscreen or just get bored and go home. There are tons of activities to do at the beach. However, without the proper supplies, your day at the beach could become boring. Follow this list to make sure your next trip to the beach is exciting, fun and stress-free.

Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach
Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach

1. Bring Food

Bringing food is probably one of most important things on this list. If you don’t bring food, you will eventually get hungry and decide to go home. Food will definitely prolong your time at the beach, because it will keep you full and energetic. Next time you go on a trip, make sure to add food to your checklist. Simply grab a cooler, and load it up with your favorite beverages and snacks.

2. Take Sunscreen / Sunblock / Lip Balm

Your day at the beach could become a nightmare if you do not bring lotion for your skin. The sun is very harmful to the skin, and excessive exposure can and will cause medical problems including skin cancer. This can be totally avoided by protecting the skin with sunscreen and other lotions. Most sunscreen lotions just protect you from the sun, they do not darken the skin. Make sure to lotion the skin with sun tan lotion before tanning to get an even tan. Do not tan without sun tan lotion; that is a sunburn waiting to happen.

Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach
Sunscreen lotion on a knee

3. Bring an Umbrella or Tent

An umbrella or tent are also essential tools to take to the beach. The umbrella or tent will protect you from the sun when you’re cooling down or eating. Unless you plan to be exposed to the sun the entire day, having an umbrella or tent is a must.

4. Bring a Book, Magazine or Music

Eventually you will become tired of swimming and exploring at the beach. There will be a point where you just want to relax. At this point, if you don’t have anything to entertain you, you might get bored and choose to go home. A book, magazine or listening to music with your cell phone with ear phones can definitely entertain you and relax you all at the same time without having to leave.

5. Take a Kayak or Boogie Board

Swimming and sandcastles will eventually bore you. In which case, you can choose to grab your boogie board and ride the waves, or paddle offshore and explore with a kayak. This will keep you entertained for the time being, and you can even get a good workout out of it.

Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach
Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach

6. Bring Chairs

Unless you expect to sit in the sand, or not sit at all, it is suggested you bring a chair. You can perfectly position the chair under the umbrella to protect you from the sun, or you can position the chair near the water to relax and cool your feet. Just in case, you should bring multiple chairs, so your friends or family members can sit as well.

7. Take a Volleyball, Football or any Ball

Many beaches have volleyball nets, so that guests can entertain themselves with several games of beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is a great way to meet new people, and it will keep you entertained for a long period of time. You can also choose to play football or soccer or even a game of catch on the sand.

8. Bring a Fishing Rod

One of the best things to do at the beach is to fish. Fishing is relaxing and very fun. Catching fish can be very entertaining, especially if you hook a monster. Make sure to check first if fishing is allowed on the beach.

9. Don’t Forget the Money

Many people expect to go to the beach without money, because most beaches are free. In most cases, you have to pay a small parking fee. Bringing money is also important for emergencies. For example, when you’ve had your fun at the beach, you return to the parking lot to see your car was just towed or you have a flat tire.

Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach
Top 9 Things to Bring to the Beach

If you bring most of these items to the beach, your next trip should be relaxing and enjoyable. One of the most important things to remember is not to stress; after all you are on vacation. Overall, do not forget to have fun, and leave all your problems at home.

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