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The Perfect Paint Colour ~ Tips

Choosing paint colours for your walls can be daunting. It’s hard to tell from a 1″ paint chit what the entire wall is going to look like and trying to figure out what the undertones are in a tiny chit is difficult. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help you find your perfect paint colour.

The Perfect Paint Colour ~ TipsPin
Our boys’ room
BM - Sea HazePin
862da9f593b5a9bae8274aa6781ccc6ePin BM – Sea Haze

1. Look for Inspiration!

If you don’t have a colour family in mind, aka – you have no idea what to put on you walls, then look in the room for inspiration. Do you have a favourite throw pillow that you want to pull colours out of? How about your existing rug? It is a lot easier to find a great paint colour to match a rug of fabric than it is to find a rug to match your walls. I used this fabric on one of my living room chairs as my inspiration and this rug in our breakfast room to find wall colour.

Living Room Chair Cushion InspirationPin
Living Room Chair Cushion Inspiration

I chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey for the Walls

BM - Stonington GreyPin
BM – Stonington Grey
Rug in the Breakfast RoomPin
Rug in the Breakfast Room

I chose Benjamin Moore – Sea Haze for the accent wall in the built-ins and Farrow and Ball – Pale Powder for the walls.

#2: Test a Sample on Your Walls

It’s better to buy a sample tin of a few colours then buy a gallon or more of paint and not like it. That way you can also look at how the colour changes from day to night. These tests are from my house…

The Perfect Paint Colour ~ TipsPin
TV Room (we went with the left BM – Stone Harbour)

#3. Ask the Professionals

I can’t guarantee that the teenager working at Home Depot will be an expert in colours.  However, if you go into a specialty paint store like Benjamin Moore they should be able to give you advice and ideas.

Painting a room can completely change the look and feel of the space. It is an easy inexpensive way to create a quiet and calm space or liven it up with a splash of colour. Seeing how paint can change a room is one of my favourite decorating reveals. There must be a room in your house that you’ve been wanting to re-paint. Head out to your paint store, use these tips and create a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated space.

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  1. Painting my whole first floor, this is a stellar post as I prep for it! Thanks for all the awesome tips! Angie


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