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Tackle That Linen Closet…You’ll Feel Better!

Let’s talk winter and your home. The holiday decorations are all put way and now what. Sometimes after the holidays and in the middle of winter, it’s nice for your decor to feel fresh and clean so this is an opportunity to focus on getting your closets organized. Gasp! Are you that person that throws everything into a closet when you have five minutes before a guest arrives? I am! Then what happens to all that stuff? Do you go back and pull it out and organize it? Likely not. Let’s take back our closets and start with the linen closet. The dreaded linen closet. Does yours look something like this?




Brutal eh? What is all that stuff anyway?

This is, well was, mine. Yikes. Every time I opened it, something would fall out and I would find myself blaming the closet for being so disorganized. Sorry closet, I know it wasn’t your fault. So, I was determined to get this baby organized and pretty to look at every time I opened it to grab a towel or a band-aid.

So…pull everything out. Make piles for “keep”, “donation” and “trash”. I bet you your donation pile will be bigger than you think.




Fix anything that’s broken in the closet. Might as well do it now. Our house is over 100 years old and so is all the plaster. There were random holes back there and you can see at the bottom of the photo where a fire occurred in the house years ago (well before we lived there).




Hit the dollar store, home stores, craft stores etc. You’ll need bins/baskets, labels, shelving paper and I found this pretty wrapping paper that went up on those ugly walls. This whole project is inexpensive with fab rewards.




Just adding the paper made the closet look better already.




A few bins and labels and VOILA! an organized linen closet that makes me feel calm every time I open it. 






One of these cold Ottawa days, tackle that linen closet. You can do it! You’ll feel better!

Keep it Beautiful.

xo Alicia @keepitbeautifu1

Keep it Beautiful
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Together with my hubby, we're working on renovating our 1920's house that we purchased in 2010 in a downtown neighbourhood in Ottawa, ON. The house was in need of mega love, complete with variations of bad wallpaper and peeling vinyl flooring. However, we were up to the challenge. I am the Mommy to a 5 year old, a 2 year old and baby girl who keep me on my toes. My hubby is armed with the tools and is the magic in building my crazy design ideas. In come the realities of renovating, budget, time and kids are things that many of us have to work with. I write about creating beautiful spaces that are everyday friendly, with easy DIYs which then leave room for splurges and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

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  1. That closet is very impressive 🙂 Love the idea of papering it too, it makes such a huge difference. A job well done I’d say!

  2. You really did a beautiful job of freshening up the look of that closet.I can’t wait to try doing that to mine.Wow!! I am impressed.

  3. OMG your closet looks beautiful and the bins can help to keep things contained and not all over but the wall paper is what makes it awesome


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