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NHL Advent Calendar from Playmobil Canada – Review

NHL Advent Calendar from Playmobil Canada – Review

December is almost here, and you know what that means: Advent calendar time! It is one of the reasons why my kids love this time of the year. They love seeing what is hidden on the other side of each door. Playmobil Canada asked my family to review one of their themed NHL Advent Calendar to see if it would get my kids excited about what was behind each door. Hockey fans will cheer at the theme we received: an NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond set!



NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond set!

This set comes with an easy to assemble rink and advent calendar for the family to open for each day in December leading up to Christmas Day. Since I could not wait until Christmas Eve to fully conduct this review, we opened all of the doors to put the set together and get playing.


The numbers were spread out well and my kids made light work of opening each of the doors. They took turns finding out what piece of the set they were going to discover. As we found each treasure, the kids and I assembled each member and object to complete this winter scene. I was so happy that the stickers were very forgiving as there were times that we did not place them on properly.



Excitement every day

Once we finished opening every door, the set was complete! We were all excited to see how much fun we could have pretending to have a classic shoot-out moment on our dining room table. All three of us had fun trying to score goals on each other and having the spectators cheer the players on!


I loved the added little touches Playmobil Canada added to this set such as the mugs for hot drinks, the caribou to take in the match and the ever-impartial Santa officiating this showdown! It was fun to be able to control the sticks of the players so we can shoot on and defend the goal. Having the flags of the Original Six NHL teams and the Stanley Cup on hand made us want to score more goals so we can hoist the Cup if we won.


One issue we had with this set was that some of the pieces of the players are behind different doors. We would have to wait to fully play with them. This made it a bit difficult to have a match.


My family had a blast setting up and playing with the pieces of this playset. The set was simple to put together, the characters were fun to play with, and the added touches made the scene come to life. My kids may have found it hard to wait to open each door, but it was well worth the wait to see the surprise that laid behind them!

For more information about Playmobil Canada, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I received an NHL Advent Calendar from Playmobil Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.





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  1. Haha, I would want to play as the shooter because being the goalie would make me too nervous – can’t handle the pressure! 🙂

  2. I’d definitely want to be a forward player and not a goalie, the responsibility of a goalie is enormous and I’m sure I’d feel I let the team down every time a puck went into my net.

  3. The shooter! Why anyone wants to have people whip hard pucks at their head, I don’t know.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo


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