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New Year = New Perspective + New Goals

Happy New Year!  The New Year has arrived and like many, you are motivated in making certain changes in your life and get a new perspective on life. Some call it resolutions, I choose to call them goals.

What is the difference between a resolution and a goal?

What is the difference between a resolution and a goal? I find that most people are focused on what they want to get rid of as a resolution; extra turkey weight, too much time spent on social media or letting go off that caffeine addiction. It keeps us focused on what we don’t want whereas goals keep us focused on what we do want. With goals, you can create a plan so you can achieve it and that is entirely different than an intention.

When you set an intention of what you want to create, a goal gives you a plan to get there. You are then able to get in alignment with what your goal is, feel yourself creating it, and then take the action steps to move towards it.

New Year...New PerspectivePin
Letters spelling GOAL

New Year…New Perspective

Here are steps you can take to create the goal you want to achieve:

1. Set a “specific” goal

What do you want? Get really clear on this goal. If it is to attract a certain job, what does that position look like, feel like? If it is to attract your ideal partner, what are the qualities and characteristics? Get specific.

2. Why do you want it?

What is the purpose of this goal? What is the purpose for you achieving it? When you contemplate this, it activates the vibration of what you desire.

3. List other people that can help you

How can you help them as well? (Network) We are all here to support and help one another. Those that achieve their goals rely on others to support and help them. If you feel you have to do things alone, look at your beliefs about beings supported or being able to trust others. I couldn’t have created the majority of what I have if I had to do it all alone. To support and be supported by others is one of the secrets to having an abundant mentality.

4. Create your plan

What do you have to do? What steps do you need to take? Think with the end in mind. In order to create your goal, think about it from already achieving it and then work your way backward. For example, if you want to build a new house, imagine living in it as we speak. What was the last step you took before living in your new home? 

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5. Think about obstacles that could come up and then find solutions.

Most people don’t think about goals in this way or even want to consider the possible obstacles, because then they would activate that vibration. I do not want you to stay focused on the obstacles, I just want you to be aware of them and then think about a possible solution. For example, when I wanted to kick my coffee habit, one of the obstacles was that I always stopped at Tim Hortons on the way to driving my sons to school. So my solution was to take an alternative route which had no Tim Hortons (not an easy feat, since they are at every street corner). 

I also knew that if I had coffee lying around in the house, I would cave in, so I stopped buying some. I replaced the hot cup of coffee with herbal tea. When you focus on the solution, that vibration is activated. When obstacles come up, you can then shift really quickly into what the solution is so that you don’t stay stuck on the problem.

6. Take action right now!

What do I need to do right now to get started? Build momentum. We are in a physical universe, so even though you are applying universal principles, we still need to take action in this world. Think of 6 things you can do per day to move toward your goals and do them. This will help you gain momentum and before you know it, you will have achieved your goal.

New Year...New PerspectivePin
New Year…New Perspective

7. Evaluate your progress and then adjust when needed

Focus on the progress; not perfection. When something happens, correct and continue. No one and no path is perfect. But a true creator adjusts and continues moving in the direction he or she wants to go.

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Julie Cloutier, Owner & Certified Naturotherapist, Family Herbalist, Early Childhood Educator and Master Numerologist offers one-on-one consultations and also speaks for events, conferences, and corporate or non-profit programs on the areas of family health, nutrition, and wellness.

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  1. I find that my goals tend to rely on the help of others that I not willing to help so I have to look at them in a different way and rely less on others which is hard for me 🙁


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