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Feel More at Home with a Dyson Humidifier – Review

Fall is here, and the temperature is beginning to drop. Soon, we will be turning on the heat to keep is warm cozy and at home. This creates dry air that can cause issues such as dehydrating skin and increase the chance or contracting colds and the flu. Dyson asked my family to review the Dyson humidifier to see is it would bring a host of benefits to our home. 

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Dyson kills 99 per cent of bacteria with its Air Multiplier™

An issue some humidifiers have is that they actually create bacteria and then spread it around your home. This can cause your family to become sick. Dyson found a solution to this problem by creating a humidifier that stops the breeding of bacteria before it can spread. Dyson kills 99 per cent of bacteria with its Air Multiplier™ and Dyson’s patented ultraviolet cleansing technology. The water in the tank is exposed to an ultraviolet light that destroys 99 per cent of the bacteria that lurks there. Dyson’s Air Multiplier™ technology uses a piezoelectric transducer at the base of this humidifier vibrates up to 1.7 million times a second to break the water down into microscopic particles. They are then drawn into the loop amplifier to be spread through the room.

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Dyson humidifier is so quiet

Once assembled, the Dyson Humidifier was really easy to use. The first thing we noticed was not how well it was working. It was the lack of sound it made. Dyson created a quieter humidifier by improving the airway paths and an aerodynamic diffuser that allows for the machine to run quietly. Depending on the airflow level we had this machine set to, we were not able to hear it outside of the space it was running in. We were barely able to hear it inside our child’s room at low airflow level. We usually have the airflow setting on this humidifier set on 2 when our kids are sleeping in their room at night. I could hear it running, but just barely. At a higher setting, it does become louder, but not at an excessive sound level. I could hear the sound of air flowing through the machine in other rooms, but it is still quieter than many other humidifiers we have owned.

I was also impressed with how well I was able to feel the difference in the space we placed our machine in. It made a huge impact in our child’s room. This room is one of the smaller spaces in our home, and after running it in their room for a while, we were really able to notice a change in the room’s temperature and humidity. Dyson’s Intelligent Climate Control allows us to control the feel of the room this machine was operating in. Whether it was by pressing the button on the humidifier or using the remote control, we could make a room feel comfortable for our needs with the push of a button. Since this humidifier can also be used as a fan, it would be great to use during warm parts of the year as well.

Feel More at Home with a Dyson Humidifier - ReviewPin

Why I like the Dyson Humidifier so much

I have found that when we used our Dyson humidifier in our living room and in our children’s room, it was also easier to breathe. A few of us suffer from allergies and it can be hard to breathe with bacteria in our air space.  This humidifier destroying the bacteria also allows for allergy suffers to breathe easier. They are not taking in some symptoms that cause their symptoms to flare up. I have noticed that is easier to breathe in the rooms we have this machine set up in. Dyson’s Air Multiplier™ technology also allows for the air it created to be dispersed evenly around a room. It is easier to feel this effect in our little ones’ room as it is a smaller space, but we were all able to feel this different in our living room as well.

Positive benefits of owing a Dyson humidifier

There are so many positive benefits my family enjoyed after using our Dyson humidifier. We were able to control the heat and humidity in a space, it was quieter than other humidifiers we have owned in the past, and most importantly, we found it easier to breathe easier in our home. To have this peace of mind day and night makes our house more of a home.

4 Fabulous Benefits of Owning a Dyson HumidifierPin

For more information about Dyson, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received the Dyson Humidifier to review. The views expressed are my own.




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  1. My skin looks like it’s sun burned, our house is so dry, we don’t even use our gas fireplace because the hardwood starts to crack, even our breathins is affected.

  2. I suffer from allergies especially during times of seasonal change. A humidifier helps this but also helps to keep our tiny apartment warm so we use the heat less often. Win-win!

  3. This humidifer would be great to have as my house in winter is so dry and my son is prone to nosebleed so we need to have a higher humidity in the house

  4. in the winter months with the heat blasting, a humidifier of the quality of dyson would help my family with dry nose and breathing easy

  5. I want #DysonHumidifier to moisturise my soft skin as well as for nursery of my little boy, he is just 7 months old, he needs to sleep as he is #soft and moisturize#

  6. I love to have #DysonHumudifier because i need to moisturize my skin during winter as well as for the nursing of my little boy, he is just 7 months old and need to sleep well

  7. I get nose bleeds at night while I’m sleeping only because my room is dry, but more so in the winter months, would love this humidifier and especially being a Dyson!!

  8. I have allergies and tend to get sick often in the winter, I think humidified air would help me recover faster and maybe get sick less often.


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