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Holiday Housewarming Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Don’t arrive at your holiday soirees empty-handed. Try these holiday housewarming aromatherapy gift ideas for the most-appreciated gifts your hosts will receive.

November through January are months that are traditionally filled with parties, holiday get togethers, and a variety of social gatherings. Proper etiquette suggests that one should not arrive at an event in a private home without bringing a small gift to offer to the host or hostess.

But what type of housewarming gift should you bring that won’t be lost in the excitement of the event, that doesn’t create an immediate distraction for the hostess (like flowers or food that needs to be chilled), and that is truly thoughtful for your host? Following are numerous housewarming aromatherapy gift ideas that are all proven for success!

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Aromatherapy Gifts

Whether you are looking for housewarming gift ideas for a man or woman, an aromatherapy gift is always a welcome alternative. If you are unsure of what is aromatherapy, think of how fantastic you feel when you inhale the aromatics from a freshly cut pine tree, or remember the feeling that you got when you walked into your mom’s kitchen and smelled those warm brownies baking in the oven! Those sensations are what the science of aromatherapy develops. You can actually alter your mood just from the fragrances that you are inhaling.

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Pure essential oils are both healing and fragrant for use in the home. There are many ways to utilize the use of essential oils in aromatherapy for both personal use and for use in the home. The occasion, specific use and the individual will dictate the essential oil suitable for use, but it can be applied in various ways.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy room sprays are non-toxic and environmentally friendly when compared to regular paraffin candles. Pure aromatherapy candles are made from essential oils, soy, or beeswax. All natural aromatherapy candles are often bio-degradable and do not contain carcinogens.

How to use aromatherapy candle? Natural aromatherapy candles can be used to “set a mood” in the home; for example, lavender aromatherapy candles aid in relaxation, whereas citrus aromatherapy candles add stimulation. Homemade essential oils candles make fantastic ideas for housewarming gift basket. Whether they are presented in a simple gift bag, or wrapped in festive paper.

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Aromatherapy Lotions, Bath Oils, Shampoo, and Soap

One of the most popular ways of utilizing essential oils in aromatherapy is through the use of aromatherapy lotions and oils. Many aromatherapy blends can be used to replace regular skin care products for daily use. In addition, specific aromatherapy blends can treat a particular problem such as back pain or headaches. Use essential oils in pure aromatherapy soap, bath oils and shampoo for daily cleansing. Choose specific soaps, oils and shampoos which address a particular problem. For example, use a shampoo with lemon essential oil for oily hair. You might enjoy our Homemade Lavender Vanilla Soap Recipe as a holiday housewarming aromatherapy gift idea.

Create your own aromatherapy perfumes

Commercial perfumes contain synthetic perfume ingredients whereas homemade aromatherapy perfumes contain essential oils. Use pure essential oils, as oppose to fragrance oils, to create a perfume which is both fragrant and healing. For example, choose a combination of Ylang Ylang and orange essential oils to create an aphrodisiac perfume.

Housewarming return gift ideas

Return gift ideas for housewarming can be natural homemade cleaning products in spray bottles. Essential oils cleaning products can be used in the home in place of commercial cleaning products. A lot of essential oils are both bactericidal and antiseptic which means they are capable of preventing the growth of bacteria. Essential oils which are also anti-viral and anti-fungal can help to prevent other germs too. You can wipe down kitchen and bathroom areas with an essential oils blend such as pine, lemon and cypress. Housewarming return gift ideas can also include a first aid kit for the treatment of common ailments using essential oils.

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Cautions for Using Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

If unfamiliar in the use of essential oils, or for further advice on how to use essential oils in aromatherapy, consult a qualified aromatherapist. In general, essential oils should never be used undiluted and should be combined in an aromatherapy blend with a carrier oil or lotion. Pay attention to specific contraindications for a particular essential oil with certain conditions. Used safely and correctly, there are many ways to use essential oils in aromatherapy. In addition to the ways mentioned above, essential oils can also be used in wedding favours, travel gift bags, and the garden.

Great housewarming gift ideas can include homemade aromatherapy products such as lotions, candles, soap, shampoos, bath oils, room sprays, and homemade perfumes to add natural, healing essential oils and fragrances.

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