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How to Help an Introvert Child Survive in an Extrovert World

We live in the age of extroverts where everyone seems to be living the life of their dreams and being open about it on social media. And in such a fast paced environment, bringing up a child that’s an introvert may seem like an intimidating and concerning task. You will find below helpful tips to help and introvert child.

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Introvert Versus Extrovert

What is Introvert? An introvert person is someone that is more comfortable focussing on his internal feelings, thoughts, and ideas. The introvert kid is more reserved, thoughtful, and a quiet individual. The child prefers spending time with 1 or 2 friends instead of with a large group of friends, and also limits social engagements.

What is Extrovert? Someone that is an extrovert is a person that is outgoing, expressive, and loves to talk. They are usually the life of the party. This person can be primarily concerned with the physical and social environment they live in.

6+ Tips to Help an Introvert Child

What if my child is an introvert? If you too, are a parent of an introvert, here’s a little help your way. Keep reading to discover some of the most effective and actionable tips and tricks on how to deal with an introvert child and help him survive in an extrovert world.

1. Understand the Biology Behind an Introvert Kid

Studies suggest that the brains of introverts are wired differently from that of extroverts, and that simply means that some of your child’s qualities are innate, although you, as a parent, do have a major role in influencing his temperament.

2. Cultivate His Passion

Children who are introverts tend to have a very strong passion for their own interests and ideas, and encouraging them to pursue those interests is a good way to go. Not only does it help them channel their creative energies, but also boosts their self confidence and helps them open up with other people who have similar interests. 

3. Respect His Preferences

If you want to help an introvert child, make it a point to identify and respect your child’s preferences and not push him into doing things he doesn’t want to do. If you kid is comfortable with his two close friends, don’t push him into trying to expand and be a part of a different, bigger circle of friends.

4. Accept & Support the Introvert Kid

Feeling ashamed and denying that your child is an introvert will only make things worse. Instead, as a parent, accept it and help your child outgrow it, but in a gentle way, making sure not to force him in the process. Be your child’s support.

5. Be Gradual With Your Efforts

You may want to introduce your introvert child to new people and may encourage him to make friends and socialize with people of his age, but make sure you do it slowly and gradually. Doing it too fast is the simplest way to make things backfire- never force your kid to meet or talk to anyone.

6. Praise After a Social Risk

One way to help an introvert child is to praise after a social risk. One of the best ways to encourage your child to be more social and open up more is to praise him when he makes an attempt to do so, even if he turned out to be unsuccessful. Positive reinforcement, especially from a parent, can work wonders and help your child regulate his feelings better.

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7. Make Him Feel Heard

One of the most basic things you can do as a parent for your child, regardless of whether your child is an introvert or not, is to make him feel heard. Ask questions and make it a point to listen to what your child has to say. A lot of introverts tend to internalize their problems, which is why, helping them speak up is the best way to make them understand that their voice is important.

If you are the parent of an introvert kid, share your tips in the comment below!

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