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DIY Spring Wreaths For The Home

Anyone can make beautiful homemade spring wreaths and decorations for the home using straw, twigs, or florists’ oasis, some foliage, flowers, and small figures of birds, rabbits, fairies, etc. to add additional seasonal interest. Spring is an ideal time to chase away the winter blues and welcome the warmer weather using the colours of early blossoms to create some interesting wreaths.

Ideas for Homemade Spring Wreaths

Wreaths can be used throughout the year to create beautiful and seasonal decorations for doors, mantle pieces, and tables. Add extra interest with small figurines.

Bird's nest wreathPin

Bird’s Nest Wreath

Create a haven for a wooden, porcelain, or pottery bird by making a bird’s nest wreath with plenty of greenery, and some branches.

  1. Cover a straw or twig wreath with plenty of green leaves, such as ivy or another evergreen leaf like bay laurel.
  2. Add some flowers – fresh silk or good quality plastic flowers of apple, pear, apricot or quince blossoms.
  3. In the bow of the wreath, attach the small birds’ nest so it’s sheltered by the foliage and the birds are peering out through the blossoms.
Easter WreathPin

Easter Wreath

Make an easy Easter themed wreath for a front door decoration:

  1. By covering a straw wreath with some light bright green foliage or moss.
  2. Add plenty of bright cheerful coloured early spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, narcissus, and forsythia.
  3. In the bow of the wreath, set a small rabbit of plastic, pottery, wood, or porcelain, complete with a bag of eggs.

Fairy Wreath

Try making this beautiful delicate DIY spring wreath – it’s ideal for sun rooms or protected garden areas.

  1. Take a straw wreath, and use delicate green and brown moss to cover the wreath. Tease out the moss and foliage to create a cloud like effect.
  2. Use flowers with tiny blossoms such as white baby’s breath, or the blue forget-me-nots to make colour accents.
  3. Place a small fairy figure in the bow of the wreath.
  4. Finish with some dainty lily of the valley blossoms over the fairy’s head.
  5. If using real flowers, replace them when they have faded. Or use artificial flowers, and add some drops of essential oil to perfume the wreath.
DIY Spring Wreaths For The HomePin

Flowers and Coloured Twig Wreath

This DIY spring twig wreath makes a dramatic statement on a front door or as a table decoration. If the wreath is going to lie flat on a table, candles of a complementary or contrasting colour can also be added.

  1. Use long coloured twigs or canes – red, white or yellow – a metre or so long, depending on the size of the table or door.
  2. Bundle the canes loosely together in the centre, and tie, then spread the top and bottom out in a fan formation.
  3. Use plasticine or crumpled paper to keep the canes in place. Then in the centre, completely covering the centre tie, make a circle of flowers of choice – bright and bold is the idea here.

Pussy Willow Wreath

This is one of the easiest spring wreaths to make, as it uses just pussy willow twigs and slender branches. The Salix caprea is recognised in March and April when the lovely silky smooth grey/white catkins appear, later exploding with yellow dusty flowers.

To make this spring wreath:

  1. A straw or oasis wreath is required, as well as plenty of twigs of the willow, with the catkins just appearing.
  2. Weave the twigs through the wreath until it’s completely covered.
  3. The wreath will be subtle greys, whites and light greens.
  4. If extra colour is required, just add some fronds of brightly yellow flowering forsythia or a brightly coloured ribbon.

12 DIY Spring Wreaths For The Home

These are homemade and easy spring wreath craft ideas for you to make for your home decor.

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Use the wreaths to welcome spring and Easter, and create focal points of interest, colour, and scent to the home and individual rooms!

Lyne Proulx
Lyne Proulxhttps://ottawamommyclub.ca/
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