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Creative Ideas For Christmas Table Decoration And Setting

Christmas is a season of tradition. Grandma’s mashed potatoes, white lights on the tree, and reading the Nativity story on Christmas Eve top the list of what to expect each December. All that is missing is a perfectly set table for Christmas dinner. You will find below creative ideas for Christmas table decoration and setting.

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A Classic Christmas Table Decoration and Setting

Let one of the most recognized holiday traditions – a green and red colour scheme – play out in beautiful classic Christmas table settings. These ideas for place settings, centrepieces, and all the extras are rooted in tradition, but still fit in with a modern sense of style.

Many people have special sets of china that only come out during the holiday season. A classically decorated table is the perfect way to show them off. Whether it is fancy with sparkling trees and snowflakes, or whimsical with jolly Santa’s and candy canes, put the china to use on a traditional Christmas table.

  • First, set up place settings at each seat.
  • Decide on a foundation piece for china, such as a gold charger or red damask placemat.
  • If the china pattern is overwhelming, then substitute a basic white dinner plate or a glass salad plate for one piece of china.
  • Have fun with glassware. Gold-rimmed crystal works well with a formal setting, but vivid red stemware adds a striking pop of colour with a more casual look.
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Red and Green Classic Christmas Centrepieces

Create a centrepiece for a classic Christmas table based on the shape of the table. These two ideas, one for around and one for a rectangular table, will put a modern twist on traditional ideas.

Round table:

  • Start by using a mirrored tile (found in crafts stores) in the centre of the table.
  • Place several red candles of varying heights on top of the tile.
  • Arrange fresh greenery or artificial holly around the base of the candles.

Rectangle table:

  • Using place settings as a guide, lay down a table runner in a co-ordinating pattern or complementary colour.
  • Then, set real or artificial tabletop trees running in a line down the middle of the table.
  • Accent the base of each tree with a matching ribbon tied in a bow.
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Decorating a Classic Christmas Table

With the china set out and the centrepiece in place, it is time to put the finishing details on classic Christmas table settings.

Place cards:

  • Stay traditional with basic paper cards.
  • Add interest with place card holders in fun shapes or exciting colours.
  • For tented cards, choose unexpected designs like Rudolph with a rhinestone nose.
  • Or, go chic and simple with coloured cards handwritten in white ink.


  • As an extra treat for guests, accent each place setting with a small gift (an ornament, chocolates, or decorated cookie).
  • Wrap each box in gold paper tied with red or green ribbon.

Whether for a formal or casual celebration, red and green Christmas table settings provide a festive addition to holiday traditions.

Creative Christmas Table Decoration And Setting Ideas

A Christmas meal is an important part of most family celebrations and is usually a lavish lunch or dinner with several courses. Setting the table with a special Christmas theme can make it an appealing place to linger and enjoy each other’s company. Here are some ideas to inspire creativity.

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Colour Schemes for Decorating a Christmas Table

There are a variety of colour schemes that work well on a Christmas table. These can be modern or traditional or something completely different that suits personal taste.

  • As mentioned above, red, gold, green, and white are classic and traditional Christmas colours. They can be used with great effect. Combinations such as white and gold or gold and green also work well.
  • Natural colour schemes should include earthy colours such as rust, hunter green, and burgundy. Add a metallic colour such as copper or bronze for a festive touch.
  • Pastel themes such as lavender or pink with silver have become more popular over the years.
  • A combination of jewel colours such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire can create a rich effect when teamed with gold.
  • Bright colours such as purple or blue mixed with silver create a light atmosphere with plenty of sparkles.

Creative Themes for Decorating a Christmas Table

With the wide range of Christmas merchandise available, there is a wonderful choice of themes for a Christmas table.

Here are some to consider:

  • angels
  • stars
  • ribbons and bows
  • Santa Claus
  • baubles
  • fruit and flowers
  • candles
  • snowflakes and ice
  • pinecones
  • the Nativity
  • teddy bears
  • Christmas cookies
  • Christmas gifts

Creative Christmas Table Decorations

Once the colour scheme and theme have been decided upon, plan the layout of the table and the crockery, cutlery, and glassware, and decorations to be used. Don’t clutter the table and experiment until it looks eye-catching and beautiful:

  • Plain tablecloths generally work best on a Christmas table.
  • Colour coordinate napkins and tablecloths. Use Christmas napkin rings or tie napkins with metallic ribbon.
  • Choose a centrepiece or two if the table is long. These can be a wreath, a small Christmas tree, or a glass bowl full of baubles. A floral arrangement laced with tinsel or sparkly leaves also works well.
  • Decorate wine glasses with a bauble, an angel, or a snowflake.
  • Fine glitter dusted across the table cloth adds sparkle.
  • Curls of ribbon on side plates or in the centre of the table can look festive.
  • Wrap a tiny gift for each guest and place it on their side plate or in a wine glass.
  • Christmas crackers come in a range of prices and colours to enhance any Christmas table.
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Creative Christmas Centrepieces

Lastly, dress up your table during the holiday season with a special centrepiece arrangement. Use items from around the house for a more personal touch. Beautiful centrepiece decorations will liven up any table during Christmas. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using some imagination and easy-to-find items, inexpensive centrepiece ideas are endless. Get the whole family involved for a holiday tradition everyone will be proud of.

Floral Centrepiece

Elegant and festive, red or white roses against deep green foliage will add an air of sophistication to any table. A mix of red and white flowers of various shapes and sizes will sparkle with a few shiny silver or gold ornaments nestled in between them. A simple bunch of long-stemmed red roses or lilies in a clear glass or crystal vase tied with ribbons to match the décor will give the table a festive touch.

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Crafty Centrepiece

Take any handcrafted items and dress them up for the holidays. Fill hand-woven baskets with flowers or ornaments. Drape hand-beaded jewelry over a stuffed animal. Place handmade ceramic decorations on a cloud of scrunched tulle.

Candle Centrepiece

Place three candles of varying sizes on a wooden board, silver tray or mirrored tile. For a more decorative touch, add a handful of tiny, colourful ornaments. Use a variety of sizes and shapes of candle holders to display among real or man-made greenery. For all-white or cream candles, add some colour with holly berries or bright red ornaments to the greenery. Floating candles in a crystal bowl create a soothing atmosphere for any occasion.

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Edible Centrepiece

A basket or bowl filled with a variety of fruits will decorate the table and provide guests something healthy to munch on later. A variety of decorated, wrapped holiday candies on a multi-tiered lazy Susan will bring smiles to the guests’ faces. Fill a colourful ceramic bowl or ribbon-tied basket with cookies or nuts. Don’t forget to hang a few nutcrackers so guests can enjoy them.

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Crystal and Glass Items for Table Centrepiece

Pull out the best crystal or favourite glass pieces and display it on satin or velvet. These pieces may be filled with tiny ornaments for more colour or sparkle. Line a bowl with a luxurious fabric to match the décor. Gently nest crystal ornaments or balls in the folds of the fabric. Place crystal trees on a bed of greenery for an elegant winter scene.

More Holiday Centrepiece Arrangement Ideas

Place a small green wreath in the centre of the table and fill the centre with any colourful items, such as holiday knickknacks, ornaments, or even toys. Create a Christmas scene of whimsical holiday characters for a light touch.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and eat fine food. A beautifully decorated table adds to the excitement and atmosphere of the day. Keep in mind that a holiday centrepiece doesn’t have to be expensive, but it adds a festive touch to the occasion. It’s okay to be creative and mix and match a variety of Christmas centrepieces for more than one table. With the wide range of Christmas decorations available, it is possible to create a unique setting that adds to the festivities and impresses guests.

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These creative ideas for Christmas table decoration and setting are just a few examples we shared with you! How do you decorate you Christmas table? Comment below!

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  1. We’re having our first Christmas dinner in our new house this year . So excited to decorate . Thanks for the great tips , I love the wreath as a centrepiece.


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