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Have Multi-Purposed Fun with Chewigem™ – Review

My kids like fun toys and products that they can use that safe and can help solve a problem. It is also great to have products that are multi-purposed, so they can be used in more than one way around our home. That is why I was happy to review products from Chewigem™. I received a Bermuda Bangle in Torfino bracelet and a litecup in Blue to try with my family.

Chewigem™ is a line of non-toxic, fun and stylish products that helps users to sooth hand fidgeting, ease anxiety or sensory challenges or to fill an oral fixation in children, teens or adults. They come in many different products from bracelets and pendants to dog tags and Chubes necklaces for users to wear. Chewigem™ are made with FDA approved medical grade silicone which is free of lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate. Chewigem™ has numerous colours and designs available to please everyone!

Chewigem™ also creates litecup. It is a glow in the dark no-spill cup that can also be used as a night-light. Meeting all FDA guidelines for food-safe plastics and being BPA and latex free, this cup allows for mess free drinking any time of the day or night. The patented circular valve cuts down on the amount of mess kids can cause from knocks, drops, tips and spills. The valve then seals itself when lips leave the cup, giving a natural drinking experience similar to a normal cup. litecup also includes a light-sensitive LED light unit that makes this cup softly glow in dim light to act as a comforting nightlight and to avoid fumbling at night when trying to seek the cup at night.

 The litecup is also ideal for adults who want to carry a cup with them in their handbag, gym bag, or backpack. It is also great for carrying drinks along in your cup holder of your vehicle without worrying about your drink spilling while you travel. Finally, litecup can act as an excellent disability aid or independent living product for adult or children with health conditions that may affect their mobility, stability or vision.

Though none of my children are “chewers,” both of my younger kids love using the Bermuda Bangle. My son liked trying to squishing and twisting this bracelet out of shape, then was happy to see that he was not able to bend it out of shape. All of this work really helped him with his fine motor skills. My daughter loves jewellery, so she loves wearing it! She also enjoyed spinning it around her wrist. Since it is in the shape of a triangle, she had fun trying to figure out which end is up. They both had a lot of fun using, crushing and playing with their new bangle! It really kept them occupied and happy while they were playing with it.

My daughter loves using the litecup at night. From time to time, she wakes up with a cough in the middle of the night. Her father and I, blurry-eyed, are always fumbling around in the dark of our kids’ room to find the cup of water we have for her to drink so she could get back to sleep in the upper bunk of her bed. The gentle glow of the litecup makes it easier for us to find her drink without it jarring our vision. It is also great for my son at night. He is our resident night owl, and the litecup keeps him company at bedtime while he sings himself to sleep.

Overall, we enjoyed using the Bermuda Bangle and the litecup. Both items helped our kids improve physical and educational skills, kept them entertained when they used them, and they made them happy. People of all ages can benefit from using these products to make their lives easier in a fun and sleek way. They are also BPA free, so they are safe to use. They really have become staples in our home, and I am so happy to have them.

For details about Chewigem™, you can connect with them on their website as well as their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Chewigem™ in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.

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  1. I would actually buy the litecup – I think it’s a fantastic idea! My kids are luckily not into chewing things, so this cup would go great for those late night bathroom trips!


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