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Quincy the Robot Artist Educational Toy Review

Landzo gifted us with the coolest little futuristic toy, Quincy the Robot Artist, that is – BONUS – educational for the kids and keeping them occupied and most importantly engaged for hours!

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The boys dying to open the package!

About Landzo

If anyone knows me they know that I’m always on the lookout for new interesting toys for the kids, so when we were offered this toy to test out, I wondered how I had never seen it before in the stores or even online! I soon learned that Landzo is one of the leaders in the field of STEM education in China, focusing on intelligent learning hardware modules, STEM education toys, and interspaces content development. They developed Quincy the Robot Artist which is geared for ages 2 – 6 year olds and it really went over well with my boys who are 3 and 5!

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Quincy in action teaching us how to draw a peach.

Quincy the Robot Artist Educational Toy

This comes in perfect timing with the whole debate with parents everywhere regarding sending their children back to school this September. Ideally, I want my eldest son to go to Senior Kindergarten. In the perfect world, it’s great for him, he gets to socialize and learn, and learn to be away from us (he doesn’t do well with that part). School was a struggle to start and there were lots of tears until he finally came around; however, we pulled him out for a 2 weeks vacation and it got him back to square one. For that reason (there will be inevitable 2 week quarantine) and generally initial safety if I can help it, we are keeping him home for at least the first semester. So, Quincy the Robot Artist has come right on time for this mamma who is NOT a home schooler.

Quincy the Robot Artist optionsPin
Just some of the options.

What is Quincy the Robot Artist?

This super cool robot teaches you how to draw with a variety of flash cards of different images. You simply place Quincy the Robot Artist in front of a piece of paper and hold up the little flash cards provided to his ‘eye’ and he reads the USB to know what he must teach you to draw.


In addition to drawing, there are other various function cards that are great for learning including numbers and letters. Perfect for identifying letters, learning to spell and learning math calculations. We had so much fun in the first session and it’s going to come in handy when we are in our full on learning mode this September. The kids LOVED holding up the little QR code to see what Quincy was going to do next and we have many more cards to get through yet!

You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Born and raised in Ottawa, I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys that keep me busy having fun at home and running all over the city exploring new adventures. I studied Communications and Marketing at Carleton University which led me to a Marketing career in the Shopping centre and Real estate industries. That led me to selling homes. I’m currently employed in my hardest and most rewarding role of all, as a Stay at home mom. I love being a mom and am a huge kid at heart, hence why I love taking my kids to everything and experiencing all that this city has to offer. I’m fun loving, love shopping, reading, and watching movies. I also am a dog lover and have a beautiful German Shepherd Nika.

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  1. Mandatory: Please leave a blog post comment telling me what you like best about the Globber Scooter: Primo Foldable Scooter with lights!——I like how it is foldable making this easy to take on road trips.

    What I like about Quincy the Robot is the spelling and math games.

  2. Love that the scooter is foldable so it takes up less space in our front room, This robot looks amazing my granddaughter would love it.

  3. I like that it isfocused on intelligent learning hardware modules, STEM education toys, and interspaces content development. Learning and fun!

  4. I like Quincy because he is geared for younger students who would be fascinate4d with his ability to draw but he would be so effective for teaching children basic letters and numbers.

  5. This is so neat. I think my kids would live trying this out. My daughter could sit drawing for hours. As we are also debating about keeping the kids home this would be a neat addition to our learning resources. I love that it introduces them to robots. (the scooter also looks great! I love that it folds for storage.)

  6. I like Quincy the Robot Artist because he is for the younger children, they are always left out when it comes to stuff like this, my grandchildren would love to own a Quincy!

  7. I really like Quincy because he’s geared towards younger children, and the review showed them to be enthusiastic about him.

  8. I like the “identify letters, learn to spell and learn math calculations” feature.
    Would be wonderful for my Grandchildren.

  9. What I like the best is Quincy makes learning basic skills fun through drawing With the cards you could focus on the area they need help.

  10. I love that this robot assists with math, letters and reading. With school so unpredictable, it would be super to have all of the help we can get if homeschooling becomes a regular way of life. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  11. I like the idea of Quincy drawing. My youngest granddaughter could really benefit from Quincy on learning how to draw and take direction.

  12. I like the fact that it is easy to use.My grandsons are two so they need learning tools that are simple yet fun.It is tricky teaching twins , but they love to learn.

  13. Oh my kiddo would love this! He is a visual learner and loves to draw, and a huge robot lover!! This is just too cool!

  14. I love how this toy inspires creativity. My daughter is interesting in stuff like this. I’d love to win this for her and see whzt she can do!!

  15. I love that this super cool robot has a variety of cool functions Its amazing that he teaches you how to draw with a variety of flash cards of different images

  16. I like that in addition to drawing, there are other various function cards that are great for learning, including numbers and letters. Thanks for having the contest!


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