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Best Hockey Goalie Equipment In 2017


Best Hockey Goalie Equipment In 2017Pin
Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadians players on the ice


Best Hockey Goalie Equipment In 2017


Every position in hockey has its role to play, but when your son or daughter picks up the mantle of the goal tender, they’ve chosen a unique role in the game. They also require a lot of unique equipment that leaves them flexible but fully protected. You want to make sure they have the best equipment available when it comes to their skates, gloves, goal pads, and more. So what should you be buying when you’re gearing up your future Patrick Roy for the big game?

The Skates When it comes to skates for goalies, Bauer Supreme 1S goal skates take the trophy for any goalie serious about their game. Bauer has made a number of key improvements to their goalie skate, the biggest of which is replacing cowling with an edge holder. Reviews are mentioning that cowling is an outdated feature, thanks to support from a toe cap. The edge sits higher up than Bauer’s last version of the skate, giving it a 10% better attack angle.

The Gloves The gloves are often an overlooked part of goalie gear, with leg pads typically getting the most attention when new products are launched. But the gloves are just as important as any equipment in goaltending, which is why CCM designed the Extreme Flex 3 gloves with Carey Price. Price, the best goalie playing in the NHL right now, included a double-T pocket and a higher cuff with better coverage. Price even said at one point that the double-T pocket lets him see when he has the puck, so he knows, 100 percent, that he has it. Nothing is more embarrassing for a goalie than losing track of the puck.

The Goal Pads Arguably the most important piece of goalie gear, there are too many different types of leg pads on the market, and too many differing opinions, to crown any single pad. However, Vaughn Hockey’s Velocity 7 XR legs are butterfly-style, light-weight, and padded with a sheet of carbon fibre that keeps them stiff. They’re great pads for young players who take the game seriously.


Best Hockey Goalie Equipment In 2017Pin
Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadians players on the ice


As any Canadian parent can tell you, the only downside to hockey is that it can be an expensive sport to play. The league fees alone can cost thousands of dollars especially if your child plays competitive hockey, plus tournament fees and the high cost of equipment. While the issue of high league fees and other expenses are going to require bigger changes to the game, you can save money now by buying used goalie equipment for your kids. With so many people using online classifieds, shopping online can be a quick and convenient way to find savings on goalie equipment. Check local classifieds like Kijiji and search by brand, type, or price, and connect with other local hockey parents. From old sets of gear that are great for players just getting into the game to last year’s top-of-the-line equipment, you can find it online.


Best Hockey Goalie Equipment In 2017Pin
Montreal Canadians players on the ice


One of the great things about searching online with a site like Kijiji is you can even find hockey equipment that’s never been used. Whether it’s because it didn’t fit, because an injury took the player for the season, or because of a change of position, equipment that’s never been used is always a great deal. Going online is a great way to start saving on hockey equipment.


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  1. As a “quasi-retired” goalie myself I love the tips thanks! My 6-year-old is starting hockey camp in October and I cannot wait to see how he does 🙂

  2. I love to play hockey. The maple leafs are my favourite team. This article contains great knowledge about goalie equipment.


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