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8 Best Cities to Visit in Belgium

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There are several reasons why people experience Belgium as an excellent travel destination. You will find below suggestions of the best cities which I can recommend to visit in Belgium!


Belgium is one of the smallest countries in northwest Europe offering a variety of tourist attractions for every traveller. It is bordered by Germany to the east, the Netherlands to the north, France to the southwest, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the southwest, and the North Sea to the northwest. One-third of the Belgium population speaks French and are called Walloons while more than one-half speak Dutch or Belgium Dutch, also called Flemings.

This country has a rich history with many architectural buildings in different styles, monuments, museums and parks spread over many important Belgian cities and some of them belong to the most important and wealthy European cities.

Best cities to visit in Belgium

Belgium is also an excellent destination for its cuisine and has hotels and accommodations for every budget. Even the beaches of the North Sea coast line and the hilly Ardennes are places which travellers enjoy if they want some time to relax. Almost every city in Belgium has a park where you can walk and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

These are 8 cities in Belgium to visit with your spouse, family, or friends:

1. Bruges

Bruges, BelgiumPin

Bruges is called “the Venice of the North” and can be considered as one of the crown jewels of Belgium. This medieval city is the capital of West Flanders and is still authentic with its narrow streets with cobblestones and historical monuments.

The Belfry of Bruges which is built in the 13th century is one of the most remarkable buildings of this city and has a height of 88 meters. It is necessary to climb 366 steps to reach the top and you have a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

The Minnewater and its lovely park is a romantic place in Bruges for a walk and there are always swans and birds around or in the lake, no matter which season you visit this lovely place. The Beguinage lies just behind the Minnewater and is also one of these typical places in Bruges where you can find peace and quiet.

There are also many churches in Bruges and the Church of our Lady can be considered as the most famous one. This medieval church has a height of 122 meters and houses the Madonna of Michelangelo and the Gothic tombs of Burgundy. This church attracts more visitors than the Saint Salvator’s cathedral which is considered the most important one on religious level.

Every tourist will enjoy a visit in Bruges because there are attractions for everyone. Most everyone will take a boat trip on the Reie where they can view all the highlights of Bruges. Museum lovers will find plenty of museums and with a combined ticket they can visit the six main museums of this city. You can spend days in Bruges and explore new places of interests.

2. Ghent

Canal in Ghent, BelgiumPin
Canal in the old town in Gent in a beautiful summer day, Belgium

Ghent is the capital of the province East Flanders and called the flower city of Belgium, especially because of its botanical event “the Gentse Floralien”. You will find flowers through the entire city and they sell azaleas and begonias to all the places of the world.

The Gravensteen which means castle of the count is their most famous building and constructed by Filips of Alsasse. People can have a panoramic view over the city from the top of this building.

A beautiful park in this city is the citadel park with a botanical garden of different flowers and plants. There are two important museums housed (the SMAK and the museum of fine arts) and you will find a lake with swans and ducks.

3. Antwerp

Antwerp, BelgiumPin

Antwerp is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. It is the capital of the province with the same name and called the city of diamond and fashion in Belgium.

The world centre of diamond is located in this Belgian city and almost 70% of all diamonds come through Antwerp in Belgium. There is a Jewish area where you can find plenty of diamond stores and it is the perfect place to buy a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, wedding or any other occasion to surprise your lover.

Antwerp is also popular because of its harbour the Scheldt where you can make a boat trip with the Flandria. The town square is a popular area in Antwerp and surrounded by the town hall which is built in the Renaissance style. You will find the Brabo Fountain, created by sculptor Jef Lambaux, in the middle of this square.

This fountain is an important monument in Antwerp because of the legend of Silvius Brabo. He was a Roman soldier who killed the giant Antigoon who asked exorbitant tolls to the sailors. This giant punished the sailors by cutting their hands and threw them in the river Scheldt.

4. Brussels, capital of Belgium

Brussels, capital of BelgiumPin
Cityscape of Brussels in a beautiful summer day

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has the highest quantity of historical buildings of Belgium. Every traveler who ever visited Belgium will certainly know Brussels. This city is especially popular because of its bronze statue “Manneke Pis” and represents a little man of 58 cm who urinates in the fountain’s basis. This statue can be called the symbol of the capital Brussels and is dressed in different dresses if there are some events on the Market square.

The market square of Brussels is one of the most impressive ones of the world. Some other important buildings in Brussels are the Saint Michel and Saint Gudula cathedral, the Church of Our Lady, the Royal Park and Palace, the Belgian Parliament, the Palace of Justice, the Bourse and certainly the Atomium with its 9 atums and build for the Brussels Fair of 1958.

5. Hasselt

Japanese Garden of Hasselt Pin
Japanese Garden of Hasselt

Hasselt is the capital of the province Limburg and called the city of the taste. It is a perfect place for shopping and tasting the delicious desserts and beverages like Hasseltse speculaas, Hasseltse rice cake, Hasseltse coffee, gin and some others. An important statue in this Belgian city is the one of Hendrik and Katrien which is located near the town square and represent the first habitants of Hasselt. The Japanese Garden of Hasselt is the largest one of Europe and constructed with the help of the Japanese city Ity.

Unique places to visit in belgium

Belgium has several unique places which are worthwhile to visit. Leuven can be considered as the most important university of Belgium and there is a statue “Fonske” which represent a student. Ostend is one of the most beautiful cities which is located on the beach and also well known for the famous Floral clock in the Leopoldpark.

6. Ostend

One of the best cities to visit in Belgium around Christmas is Ostend. At this time of year, they create an ice rink in the town’s main square. In addition, there are the wonderful Christmas Markets, where you are bound to find an unusual gift for those you love.

7. Leuven

Leuven is a university town. One of the most striking first impressions this town will make is the unique architectural beauty of its town hall, dating back to around the 1400’s. It is a fabulous structure. With a substantial student population, this town comes to life at night. Spend an evening in the “Bikers Bar” and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Leuven is one of the best cities in Belgium for nightlife! The nightlife here has to be witnessed to be believed.

8. Bruges

Nick-named the Venice of the north, Bruges certainly lives up to this. With a maze of canals dissecting the city, this provides an adventure in itself. For those who prefer a more sedate form of transport. It is a very sedate city where one can relax and enjoy an assortment of shops. Bruges is one of the best cities to visit in Belgium during winter. Dining is a special experience in Bruges, especially in the winter months, when many restaurants provide comfort in the form of open fires.

8 Best Cities to Visit in BelgiumPin
8 Best Cities to Visit in Belgium

There are several reasons why you may want visit Belgium and besides the architecture of all these buildings, the museums and the lovely parks; you will certainly find time to taste the “Belgium chocolate” which is popular worldwide. It is also recognized for its beer, French fries and mussels. Traveling to Belgium is a wonderful experience because this country offers attractions for everyone.

Although Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the European Community. There is a variety of beautiful places to visit in Belgium within this hospitable country.

Hope you will consider these top cities to visit in Belgium on your next vacation! Belgium, surely a jewel in the European crown!

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