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Affordable Date Ideas

Dating can be an expensive business, even for couples that have been together for a while. It can be difficult to find ways to have a good time together without spending a lot of money, which is a pain for couples who are trying to be more money-conscious. You can definitely consider cute affordable date ideas for you and your significant other. Here are some tips for affordable date ideas!

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Not only are these cheap date ideas great for couples who are trying to get out of debt and say goodbye to their financial troubles, they are also a great way to mix things up and do something a little more different – and memorable.

Plan a Picnic

A romantic picnic may sound old-fashioned, but it can actually be a lot of fun if you’re willing to put the effort into it. Make a whole day out of it by starting out getting together in the morning to prepare the food and snacks. You can whip up something affordable like egg/tuna/chicken salad sandwiches with macaroni salad and snacks like carrot sticks, tomatoes, crackers and cheese, grapes, and melon.

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It’s up to you how creative you want to get with the food and beverages, but just make sure it’s something you made yourself at home with reasonably priced ingredients from the grocery store. You’ll both enjoy the time you spend together preparing everything, as well as actually getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour once you get to your local park.

Go Bicycle Riding

Either use your own bicycles or rent a pair and spend the day with your significant other exploring an interesting location. You might consider cycling on a local trail and take in all the beautiful sites of nature, or maybe through the city if that’s more your flavour.

In either case, you may want to bring along some snacks and water so that you don’t get tempted to spend money while out on your adventure.

Try Stargazing

What’s more romantic than gazing up at the star-speckled night sky together while wrapped up in a blanket? Sure, spring or autumn nights can be a little chilly, but this will only bring you and your partner closer together and make the experience that much more romantic!

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There are lots of online tips for firsttime stargazers and most options won’t cost you much except transportation. This is because you will have to find a good stargazing spot that is far enough away from light pollution so that you can see the sky clearly. For city-dwellers, this will most definitely mean getting a good distance away from the city first before being able to see anything.

If you want to know the best spots and techniques for stargazing, try reaching out to a local astronomy club. They’re usually happy to help and willing to give lots of great advice!

Affordable Date Ideas to Try OutPin
Affordable Date Ideas to Try Out

Hopefully these ideas have given you a place to start on your quest to find affordable date night ideas.

Lyne Proulx
Lyne Proulxhttps://ottawamommyclub.ca/
Lyne Proulx is a Certified WEBB Bodywork Pet Practitioner, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, and an Event Planner. She loves all things Disney and is an avid teaholic and chocoholic. She coordinated the Annual Infant Information Day/Early Years Expo for the City of Ottawa for 8 years. She was the Queen B of the BConnected Conference, Canada's Digital Influencer and social media Conference in Ottawa and Toronto. She was also the co-chair of the Navan for Kraft Hockeyville 2009-2011 committee that organized five community events within 6 months, and helped Navan reach the top 10 finalists in Canada. In April 2011, she received the City of Ottawa Mayor's City Builder Award.

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