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The ABCs of Vaginal Dryness and Solutions to Relieve It

Vaginal dryness. Never heard of it before? It sounds like a rare condition women suffer from that is difficult to deal with and to relieve. Let me tell you that is more common than you realize. There are many options that alleviate vaginal dryness and make it easier to manage. Hold on to your hats as I walk you through the ABCs of vaginal dryness and solutions to relieve it.

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The ABCs of Vaginal Dryness

A) Ask about the facts: What is vaginal dryness?

When a woman is sexually aroused, there is an increase of blood flowing to her reproductive organs, resulting in stimulating the production of lubricating vaginal fluid. Hormonal changes in a woman’s body, like those that occur during menopause, pregnancy, after childbirth or breast-feeding can disrupt this process. This results in vaginal dryness.

Though vaginal dryness can occur at any age, it is a common issue for women during and after menopause. This normal and natural transition in a woman’s life usually happens between ages 45 – 55. One of the effects of menopause is a decline in estrogen that can cause thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls. Many women can find dealing with the physical and emotional changes that occur with menopause difficult and even frustrating or isolating.

B) Be aware that there are solutions

Even though adjusting to menopause can be hard, know that you are not alone! There are more options available for women to help ease vaginal dryness so they can enjoy intimate moments instead of cringe at them.

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If vaginal dryness is affecting your lifestyle or is putting up a wall in your sexual relationship with your partner, think about trying K-Y® Brand personal lubricant or vaginal moisturizer. Not only does it help to build emotional closeness with your partner, it’s safe to use and is the #1 brand trusted by couples and professionals. K-Y can also effectively provide relief from vaginal dryness which is the source of discomfort or pain during sex.

The K-Y® Brand products like K-Y Jelly, K-Y Liquid, K-Y Sensual Silk and K-Y Warming Jelly provide discreet, long lasting relief and lubrication when needed.

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No matter what causes you to experience vaginal dryness, you should try K-Y’s versatile range of intimacy products to relieve vaginal dryness and to increase intimacy with your partner. Click here to see how you can try these products for yourself!

Now that the ABCs of vaginal dryness have been explained, this condition is not as rare or as difficult to manage. Sex with your partner can also be a more pleasurable experience living with this issue. Whether you suffer from vaginal dryness or are just learning about it for the first time here, hopefully, this information will help you or a loved one to deal with vaginal dryness and feel more comfortable.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by K-Y Canada, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect opinions of the K-Y Canada brand or the Reckitt Benckiser Corporation.

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  1. Yes, this does happen when you get older. My gynaecologist gave me a lubricant to use the next time I was due for an examination in order to make it easier on both of us and it did help a lot.


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