7 Simple Strategies To Help You Reduce Christmas Stress

Did you catch yourself cursing at the driver who just snagged the parking spot you’ve been waiting patiently for?

Are you impatient with your kids? Your spouse?   

Are you completely overwhelmed trying to make Christmas a memorable and magical moment for your loved ones?

7 Simple Strategies to Help You Reduce Christmas Stress
Woman embracing the holiday season

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. You are not alone.

The holidays can be an overwhelming and stressful time for parents. Between expectations, crowded shopping malls, and the pressure to please everyone at the same time, is it any wonder most of us, particularly women, are running on empty?

Pressing pause and easing up during this hectic time is so important to your sanity and your health…and your spouse’s health too ;). 

As most of us know, stress is linked to a long list of ailments that would make even the Grinch take note. Heart disease, digestive discomfort, insomnia, migraines, immune disorder flare-ups, just to name a few.

In the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s, make sure you take time to replenish yourself.

7 Simple Strategies to Help You Reduce Christmas Stress
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Strategies to Help You Reduce Christmas Stress

1. Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. It’s okay to decline the last party invitation you received. And no one (and I mean no one) will die if you say no.

2. Breathe. When you’re stressed, inhale as if your whole body is inhaling. Exhale as if your whole body is exhaling. You can practice deep breathing anywhere. Standing in line, waiting at a red light, sitting down at your desk… anywhere. 

3. Limit your alcohol consumption. If you drink wine, one super easy tip is to cut your wine with seltzer water and add berries. You still can enjoy your wine but you won’t have a headache the next day. And you won’t wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by Santa’s sleigh 😉

4. Hydrate and hydrate again! Your skin will love you and so will your love handles. This is one of the best and simplest acts of kindness you can show yourself.

5. Make time for you. Pencil yourself in your agenda every day. When you make the time to take care of you, you’ll find you have more to give to others. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

6. Slay one thing off your Xmas to-do list.  I have stopped sending out Christmas cards and I’m pretty sure no one noticed and have taken advantage of the in store wrapping services. What one thing can you scratch off your list?

7. Begin and end each day with gratitude. Every morning take inventory of 3-5 things you’re grateful for. Do the same before you go to bed. Inner happiness and joy begin with an attitude of Gratitude.

Remember to fill yourself up every day so that by Christmas morning you’re dancing will bells on!

7 Simple Strategies to Help You Reduce Christmas Stress
7 Simple Strategies to Help You Reduce Christmas Stress


If you’ve got a tip that helps you stay calm and centered, please leave a comment below!

Lots of Love,


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  1. Thank you so much. This exactly what I needed to hear/read today! Christmas should be ajoyful time, not a stressful one! Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Those are great tips and I love the last one. I think it is really a life lesson to learn to do. 7. Begin and end each day with gratitude!

  3. I love numbers 1 and 7 especially. It creates so much extra stress when you agree to things that you don’t really want to do, and keeping gratefulness throughout the whole season really helps too.

  4. I started taking steps towards a stress-free Christmas years ago and now I truly enjoy the holiday. I still struggle with the “saying no” thing but it’s a work in progress. One more thing that has helped me is wrapping each gift the day it enters my house. I used to spend an entire day trying to get it all done but now I have a closet full of wrapped gifts waiting to go under the tree.

  5. I’ve been feeling very disorganized this year and I can feel that it’s taking a tole on my stress levels. I’m trying to just remind myself of what is most important and that usually helps! 🙂

    • You aren’t the only one Sarah. When I feel overwhelmed, I make a point to schedule in some “Mom-me” time. Once I come back from whatever activity I had chosen for myself, I feel much more calm and centered.

      Happy Holidays!


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