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Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and Asmodee ~ Review

Fun is the goal of every family during the summer months. Whether you are at home or on the road, fun keeps the good times going. Games are a great way to have summer fun for your family. Mattel Games and Asmodee want families to anywhere this summer with their collection of games! They asked my family if we would play with a selection of games to see if we would have fun playing games this summer, and we were on board to try them out!

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and Asmodee Pin
Mattel Games and Asmodee game boxes.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and Asmodee

These are the games we received to play games anywhere this summer:

  • Bounce-Off
  • Ticket to Ride: First Journey
  • Azul
  • Balderdash
  • Get Packing

Bounce off the competition

2 players + 16 balls + 1 grid = a ton of fast competitive fun with Bounce-Off! With pattern suggestions on each card, each player races to recreate that pattern by bouncing a ball onto the grid. The first player to collect 3 cards is the winner.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Bounce-Off game box.

My daughter was ready to go head-to-head with me to test this game. It was so simple to jump into and to have fun. Yes, balls went flying EVERYWHERE, but it was so much fun to try to recreate the patterns on the cards. My son eventually bounced his way into playing and now the both of them love trying to win this game.

Girl celebratingPin
Girl celebrating while playing Bounce-Off game.

Chugging our way across the tracks

Travelling across North America is made into a chugging adventure with Ticket to Ride: First Journey. It is a kid-friendly introduction to the Alan R. Moon train adventure series. Little engineers have to play matching coloured Train (or Locomotive) cards to claim routes across the map board. The winner is the first player who completes six Tickets and claims the Golden Ticket.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Ticket to to Ride: First Journey game box.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey put a big smile on my daughter’s face when she found out we were playing this game. She played this game at school and was happy to now have it at home to enjoy. We chugged along the tracks as we picked up the cards we needed to complete each route. My little also got a better idea of how far away some of these destinations are from where we live. 

girl playing a gamePin
Girl playing Ticket to Ride: First Journey game.

Drafting coloured tiles to win

Azul is a game where tiles combos are the name of the game. Each player takes a turn to draft coloured tiles to their board. At the end of each round, players score points based on how their tiles help to decorate the palace. For extra points, players can complete specific patterns and compete sets. The layer with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Azul game box.

For me family, Azul is not a favourite of ours to play. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow. I feel as though the rules were not written for first-time players. We tried playing this game but could not really jump into it. Azul is a gorgeous game to look at, but sadly, we were not thrilled to play it.

child playing a gamePin
Child playing Azul game on a table.

Guessing made a whole lot of fun

Phoney definitions can lead to players having a lot of fun with Balderdash. Players draw cards that has various categories. Once the question for the category has been read, players then guess what the definition or answer is. The fun part is that players also write down a false definition to try to trick other players. Points are scored and players move across the boards with each round. The first player to reach the Finish Line is the winner.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Balderdash game box.

We love playing guessing games where we try to trick each other. Balderdash is a great game to allow us to do this! Since my littles were younger than the recommended age for this game, some of the definitions were difficult to understand. My kids didn’t give up and came up with their own hilarious answers. Balderdash is also simple to start playing and we have a great time playing it whenever we set up on our deck!

A child's hand playing Balderdash game.Pin
A child’s hand playing Balderdash game.

A race to get ready for a getaway

Do you find it hard to fit all of your things in your suitcase when getting away for a vacation? Get Packing is a great game to help you get it right! Each player has a suitcase and a number of items. The game cards have sunny destinations and an image of the items you would need to bring with you. Players race to be able to fit all of the items on the card into the suitcase without the lid cracking open and collect that card.  The first player to get three cards wins.

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Get Packing game box.

Get Packing is hands-down my favourite game to play! This game is great to have around if you want to keep your kids occupied while making dinner for a few minutes or if you want to draw it out and try all of the cards. One of the best takeaways of this game is that players learn spatial awareness in order to be successful.

Girl playing Get Packing game.Pin
Girl playing Get Packing game.

There is also a one-player mode where you time yourself for 30 seconds to complete the challenge on the card. My kids also loved seeing all of the destinations on the rules booklet to get a better idea of where they are around the world. Finally, Get Packing has given me some ideas as to how actually pack better for our next big adventure!

Having fun playing anywhere this summer with games

My family is having a lot of fun playing anywhere with the games we received from Mattel Games and Asmodee! From fast-paced competitions to strategic fun, these games had our family spending time together and enjoying the summer with a lot of laughter. We can’t wait to take these games with us when we visit family and go camping this year. Keeping the family entertained is key for having summer fun, and these games will be on hand to help keep the smiles and laughter happening!

Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and AsmodeePin
Play Anywhere this Summer with Mattel Games and Asmodee

Curious to see what other fun games Mattel Games Canada has for families play anywhere this summer? We checked out their website and followed them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

You can also see other games Asmodee has to offer by visiting their website and sneaking a peek at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @asmodeedigital, and YouTube channels!

Disclaimer: I received items from Mattel Games Canada and Asmodee in order to write this review. The views I shared army own.

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  1. I didn’t realise that there were so very many different UNO games. I’m sure my grandchildren would love to have the Disney Pixar Coco UNO for our camping trips.

  2. All of the games look like fun but I’d really like to try Get Packing with my kids. I think they would really enjoy it.

  3. Get Packing! Azul is pretty to look at but your description makes me think it might not be the game for us – so many great choices though!

  4. we would love to play Phase 10 …..games at the lake with our granddaughter are a favorite for everyone in the evening!

  5. Jeopardy sounds like a fun card game too and I know that my grandkids love card games so this would be great for us.

  6. Of the Mattel games, I’d love to play Pictionary with my granddaughter. I used to play it with my kids, and at parties. Is such a hilarious game!

  7. There are a lot of these games that I’ve never played. Today I’d choose Splash, we’d all have fun with that.

  8. I believe Skip-Bo Junior would be a lot of fun with my grandchildren and since it’s a card game it can be played even while camping.

  9. SKIP-BO – 50th Anniversary sounds like a nice special edition that my grandkids and I would have a lot of fun with.


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